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Don't know if there's already a thread like this, sorry if there is...

Pets! Pets! Here's how it works. You say what pet you want to be, and we add it to the list, like in the Pair Up Thread. Oh, and you can have up to 3 pets at a time. If you don't like one of your pets, you can release it (and it'd become "stray"), but who'd do that? Oh, and also, pets can't have pets, of course.

Lovable pets: (pets that the owner is very attached to)
XXX's cat - XXX
Sheltered pets: (newly adopted pets)
XXX's dog - XXX
Stray pets: (pets without owners)
XXX - cat
XXX - dog
XXX - bird

And so on... Enjoy! XD

Oh, and here's the list...

Lovable pets:
Sheltered pets:
Stray pets:
Kyogre-chan - cat
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