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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
Looks good, except for some things that would seem to backfire. If you wouldn't mind telling me if my thoughts are wrong or not, that would be great.

	cmp r4, #0x2
	blt return
	ldr r6, .VAR
	strh r5, [r6, #0x10]
	pop {r0-r7, pc}
r4 contains the the Pokemon Amount and if it's less than 2 then it quits, but when quitting wouldn't it write 0x0 to the address 0x00000010 in the RAM? Surely it's not meant to do that.

EDIT: Also, isn't it supposed to return the value to 0x800D, not 0x8004? Or did I miss something?
Not really... since the value of r6 would then be unpredictable, a random address would be used, basically. E.g. it would not work properly, obviously. I fixed that already even before posting this, anyway. As for the return value, that's correct. Because variable 0x8004 is exactly 0x10 byte before 0x800D.
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