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Mr. Silver... I tried Surfing with Justin... big mistake... Never again.

Alright, first thing's first. I have to go an catch myself a water-steed. :D

Mind if I fish right here? :cheeky:

Why did I have to pull it out? :\

Something was bound to come by eventually...

Oh wow!

I bet it's going to be the most amazingly powerful thing that there ever w-


That isn't very informative at all...

It's very apt. :P

Maybe Justin won't be so bad Surfing...?

So far it's going pretty smoothly...

...the hell?

Okay, Justin, we're back on tra-

What is wrong with you!?

And is that that Annie girl?

I think I'm going to be sick...

I hate you so much right now... :tired:

Several nauseous minutes later:

It was actually Justin that did it... :\

I'm pretty sure they just walked away...

You guys actually didn't seem to be much help against them... especially since you all had the same Pokemon that was incredibly weak against their Type of choice...


Let me guess, there's a White Jungle too?


Yeah, it is pretty damn difficult to find absolutely nothing.

Are you insinuating something, Annie?

So you are saying that your pride is far more important than actually capturing the 'criminals'? :\

You are an odd sort of law enforcement Annie...

I hope I never have to see you again. :D

Do you know how I can get these bigger fish...?

Do you know how I can fish these coole-

You are useless.

Maybe your friend will have more information... :\

Do you know where I can find one that can carry me and isn't horribly brain damaged?

I'm guessing not, then....


Well you were wrong.

I guess...?

I guess I'll go pick up some supplies in the last town before I go any further...

What is the giant moleman out of his cave...? :\

What's your angle, moleman...? :paranoid:



Don't you need electricity to run things?

That's an okay explanation, I suppose... But you really shouldn't worry about Band Ambar, those Russian business-mechanics are all talk. :P

Of course you don't.

What!? No... I don't-

But I don't want to do-

That doesn't mean that I will.

This TM had better be awesome... :disappoin

We'll see about that, moleman...

Alright, Justin, let's just try and get through this...


I have to enter the water some other way... :(

I hate dead ends.

I hate them so much that I could just...




...I could just...







ohai thar lectro fish

You've just been recruited. :P

He has the strength of 120 AA batteries in his horn!

(Literally... I checked.)

You're never going to guess the nickname...


Like... ever.





Seriously, it's quite the odd name...




According to Mono, he was wearing a shirt with an elephant on it, which Baro made disappear because: "Baro was like 'No! I can be the only political party! The Sourcerer's Block Party!' and he destroyed it".

(The 'u' in 'Sourcerer's' is apparently left over from a simpler time. :P)

You're doing pretty good this time around, Ju-

God damnit!

I have no comment... :(

Oh, finally...

Goodbye Justin.

Hello R. Nixon.

Now, just to teach it Sur-


Well I guess some good ol' fashioned grinding is in order...


It's almost like I can't not go in...

You know exactly who it is, phone.

Yeah... I have the talent of seeing glaringly obvious twinkles of light...


Apparently so...

Hmmm... this is new.


Oh god, the grunting! :shocked:

When will it stop! :'(


But of course there are things that make you slide across the ground like an idiot... this is Javier's house...

Well... I have an awesome bird that can do that for me! And UNHOLYbear...


Whatever this thing is... it wasn't very strong...

It probably isn't that hard... :\

I'd be happy to oblige. :badsmile:


I love Critical hits.

Well aren't you a trooper. :)

Not really... :\


Aaak, indeed.

How the hell should I know?

Damn crazy people...


And for all of my 'hard work', I got:



You disappoint me, Javier.

And... since I'm in the area...

I finally got your 'TM', you painfully obvious smuggler, you. Time for my plane ticket!

Didn't you hear me...? I want my plane ticket... :\



I WAS PROMISED PLANE TICKETS! Or maybe not... I forget.


I want my tickets...

I will get my revenge, you swindler.

Don't you ever think that I won't.

Oh! And this happened:

Let's hope that his evolution is capable of carrying a child on its back...


No, not that one! I've had to deal with that one for far too long already!

It looks like Gyarados has had a little plastic surgery. :shocked:

This might also be that 'dragon' that druggies chase?


I'm going to look freaking awesome riding this thing.

Or completely moronic, I don't know...

Here we go, R. Nixon. :P

Darn you, dead ends.

Oh, and I caught this:

iz funy

Hopefully this will lead to the damn Generator Cave...

Wow... so this is how it feels to go where you want to go.

Damn that Justin.

They should beware my Electric Pokemon. :badsmile:

R. Nixon.

Apparently the safest place for electrical equipment is under a lake. :\

I love spending time in CVs. :P


Why not.


Yep, this is definitely not the worst place for a generator. :P



Oh, I caught some things, too:


If it was it's weak point it would be a:


You are nothing but a phony! A big fat phony!


Switches are fun*!


Hey cool! More items!

But... you don't look like a Pokeball at all. :\

One of these is almost definitely a Spiki...


It was.

I don't know what a generator looks like... But I'm assuming this is it... :\

Why does this place need floor switches anyway?

Wouldn't that make them ridiculously easy to set off by mistake?

Remember this kids... you have a right to loot.

Time to get my reward. :D

Err... yes... yes I am.

That makes sense I suppose... you don't want anyone using it against you...

I still wish it was a move one of my Abominations didn't know...

What, you mean you haven't been watching me with your cameras!? And you can't see into my bag!?

This almost scares me... :paranoid:

That was an odd place to end the conversation... :\

Good job, TEH-PRO, destroy that nature. :badsmile:


It's a wonder I haven't met the "Save the Berries" initiative in Corna yet. :P

Next update I'll continue, and we'll get to finally see this 'Black Jungle'. :\

How I hate that name...

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