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Oh hi there and welcome. Jess and myself have joined forces to bring you your graphical needs, well in this case, your iconical needs. Basically we are only making icons/avatars/whatever you want to call them. Meaning that any requests that is over 100 x 100 has to gtfo. :[ How this will work? You may request from myself or from Jared. Forms and details will be provided in the space below. As for now, rules are essential to keep this place in tact, or else chaos will be upon us and the next thing you know, someone will have an eye out. Oh my.

RULES-Edited 17/2:

1) No more than four requests per person. Don't be greedy now!
2) Credit is required in some way, shape or form unless stated otherwise.
3) All icons will be done in dimensions of 100x100.
4) Low-Quality images are not welcome here.
5) Do NOT edit any of our works before asking. If you need any editing, please ask us.
6) If a request takes more than four days and no explanation is given, you have the right to pester about it. Preferably VM's. HOWEVER, any complains in a rude matter won't be taken lightly. If you're going to ask us, do it nicely. We have lives people.
7) We reserve the right to a deny request for any reason.
8) Use a form for every request.
9) Obviously, follow all PC & GFX rules.
10) No redo's. We've given up our time from our busy lives to do a favour for you. If you don't like how your requested ended up, then too bad. Icons are hard to be specific with, and we'll make it to how we please.
11) At least a 3 day minimum usage of our icons is prohibited. Meaning you have to use it for 3 days or more and then you can request again. If not your request will be denied.
12) If you screw up any of our rules, then prepare to feel the wrath of Guillermo! However, if you can pronounce his username then you're off the hook.

And lastly;
13) Don't rush us, or we'll give you something half assed, okay?


Aizuke's examples;

Jared's examples;


Who will do it:
Text (not too much, please):





Now open~!
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