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    Since there hasn't been a full sign-up in a while, I suppose I should pass my judgment.

    >To me Cyndaquasher seems like he should deserve the spot the most. His sigh-up was the best of them all and he really put the most effort in.

    SupaJustin you still had 4 Pokemon, which would be a nuisance since the GM is planning on giving us 5 Pokemon battles, and you only have 4.

    Tycho, unfinished SU, nuff said.

    tim0789, although your history part was pretty good, Appearance and Personality were practically non-existant and cyndasquasher simply outdid you.

    Peaceful Night, again, unfinished SU.

    Unknown member who sent their SU through PM to Eos, your character was too close to Aos Aduro's, and we don't want there to be characters that are too similar in the rp, which is the main reason why I didn't accept you.

    There, the deed is done, now we must sit still and wait for our GM to come back and start things up!

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