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    Originally Posted by Manaphy8888 View Post
    Something wierd is going on when i download Pokeyplay pokemon ruby. When i try to play it as ruby, it kind of warps into my last save file in RoL. Then if i add the Log ips patch, the same thing happens. So i rename it, and it tells me to start all over again. Any tips?
    Well, first, never use the same ROM for two different purposes. If you patch it with the LoG ips file, keep a backup ruby to play the normal storyline.
    Now, with regards to your save file, the problem you're having is that when you select the "save" option on the in-game menu, VBA saves that to a special file for that particular ROM. No matter the patch, it will always save to that file. So what you need to do is use the VBA toolbar to make savestates, select File>Save and create saves outside of the normal game menu, then you'll be able to load your games properly. If you weren't doing this to your Ruby game though, I'm afraid your save is gone...

    Just a note on my own question, I haven't been able to find a daycare and thus can't get Skarmiger
    Is there an alternate way to obtain him, like say, some location where he can be caught in the wild?
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