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    Pokemon:Darkness of Team Cipher
    (2 years after Gale of Darkness)

    Team Cipher:Charon after the defeat of Team Galactic with his arrest,his determination of world conquest is not over he brings out of prison and escapes back to the region of Orre he started researching on what had happened here starting 5 years prior he seen that Team Cipher was the strongest Crime Gang that he even seen/heard of with this information he was to help the Admins of the Team and bring back forth Team Cipher.Determined to do see there was one other thing pondering his mined. How did Team Cipher get defeated, he seen that a Teenager Named Wes was once part of Team Snagem but broke away and stole the snag Machine.with this Technology and information from the Region or and Sinnoh he begins to recreate Shadow Pokemon and send them to the Region of Orre,Sinnoh,Johto,Hoen and Kanto and capture the Legendary's, of each region to Call forth Arcues

    The Adventure begins:
    Wes wakes up at home and here's the new's of what happened in the unfamiliar region of Sinnoh of how Palkia and Dialga,Giratina where awakened,by Team galactic with there defeat by a young trainer Lucas
    Wes travels to Azlef City in search for Rui in the local new's he has heard of Shadow Pokemon has been seen around region of Orre and others around the world.Wes gets his snag machine prepared he finds mui at the Pokemon Center as she is hearing the news she is ready for another adventure along the way Wes leaves his Umbreon and Espeon at his mothers house for the dangers that may begin to happen.during as he was a child he had trained 2 other familiar Pokemon Glaceon and Leafeon,Starting there adventure....

    During there Adventures Wess will meet:Micheal,Lucas,Dawn,Ash,Gold

    All 486 Pokemon
    New Cities of Orre Region
    New Events and Side quest New Event For Legendary Pokemon.
    New Character
    New Moves
    New Map
    New Item
    New HM
    New Minigame
    Day Night System
    New Tiles
    Legendarys: Groundon,Kyogre,Palkia,Dialga,Giratina,Arcues,Darkri and many more.

    Any More ideas Come with them !