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Originally Posted by Dew View Post
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Hello there! My forum name's dew and I am recruiting people for Project Century. It's a Pokémon game made with RPGXP, featuring the Starter Kit of Poccil and some parts of Kyledove (Kymotonian) his tileset.

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The game's about a girl (Yes, a girl) named April (as official name, to be customized yourself). She meets professor Willow, a pretty older lady with ginger-colored hair. April gets offered to be a Pokémon Trainer, to help Willow with her research to Invisible Pokémon.

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But there's one problem. Not only Willow and April are in search to the Invisible Pokémon. Also Team Millennium is on their way to find three very powerful Invisible Pokémon.

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Now that's a bit of the story line.
Now I am looking for these persons:

PERFECTIONISTS (to check spelling and language, you may have noticed I'm not English)
BETATESTERS (to check on bugs)

I'd love to hear something of you!
I can be a perfectionist and beta testers

sorry for double post

Team name:Lunar Aqua
Team Leader:Kyuu
Current Members:Omn, Kyuu
Current Game title:Aquatic King and Lunar Queen
Current progress madetory is in progress but 0%
Position(s) needed:Mapper, Scripter, Eventer, Spriter, Beta testers, Concept Artist and Dialogue Maker
Timezone:GMT +2
Preferred Method of contact: PM Kyuu or me or email kyuu at
Additional info: Please be experienced if you are joing also this game is in 4th gen style and all people who help will either get a custom pokemon from mystery gift or character in the game