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The Fearless Leader returns! (Thanks Cyndaquasher, that made me laugh) Ok, sorry for the wait everyone, but I’m back so we'll be getting started right now. I'll get an OOC thread up sometime today, I’m a bit tired from my flight but I'll try! I want to straight away explain how the battles are going to work.

Battles are going to be held weekly, starting on Sundays and hopefully ending by Sundays. When finished send the whole back and forth list to me, I will condense it into a readable format and spolierize it. They will be between 2 members, and the members will be randomly chosen in pairs. The number of Pokemon used will be anywhere between 3 to 6, depending on timing and such. The way the battles should be done is that you write what your POKEMON does and exclude any dialogue that involves your character. If you want to show your characters reaction, it should be in a separate sentence. Here`s an example. RPer X and RPer Y are battling. X has a Charmander and Y has a Squirtle. Say X goes first, it should go like this.

X`s post:
Charmander leapt into the air, then tried to sledgehammer Squirtle with Iron Tail.

RPer X looked determined as he faced RPer Y. He knew he was at a disadvantage against a water type. He would have to be clever.

Y`s Post: Squirtle used Withdraw and got hit by the Iron Tail full on. He skidded across the battle field, and then popped out of his shell, ready for action. He blasted a Bubblebeam at Charmander.

RPer Y was intimidated by RPer X`s ferocity. He knew Squirtle could take it, but the pressure was on. One more loss and he was out a Pokemon.

So that’s a brief example of how the exchange should go. You have to assume that whatever your Pokemon is doing, you order it to do. By splitting the two sections, from the actual Pokemon battle to the trainer, we save space and time. You won’t need a trainer sentence every time you PM each other, just in key moments. There`s a few things to remember. First off, it’s best to decide beforehand who is going to win. While this may seem to diminish the drama of the battle, it’s important that you do this at the beginning or around halfway. If neither person is willing to back down, battles can get overly long and complicated as they try to best the other RPer. Another VERY important thing to do is ALWAYS work with what your opponent does. Whenever they attack, you have to incorporate that attack into your next post. Here`s an example of what not to do.

X's post: Charmander used Flamethrower directly at Squirtle.
Y's post: Squirtle used Bubblebeam at Charmander's tail!

You can see the issue, where did the Flamethrower go? You have to incorporate every move used for balance and flow. Now, the first match-ups are going to be as such

Eos Aduro vs {Swan}
VIII.Bond of Flame.XIV vs Zeph
Cyndaquasher vs Zimvee

They will be 3 on 3, and since it’s the first round I think I may extend the period of time for this one. First actual RP post now!


The tinny voice of the Warden echoed in Shaelin's ears as she sat on the uncomfortable metal slab in the submarine.

"You may be hesitant to participate in our program, but think of what you have to lose."

The last sentence hung in the air, a cloying fog between the trainers. Handcuffs kept them chained to the bench. Shaelin stared at the floor, deep in thought. There was nothing left to hope for, nothing left to do. Her body was safe inside the submarine, but her spirit had floated outside, and been crushed by the pressure. She was strong and independent, but this was a daunting task. She looked over at the other kidnapped trainers. She remembered their names from the brief exchanges they had in the submarine before sinking into this solemn silence. The young man next to her, Brent, was in the same state as her, hopeless shock. Beside him was the lankier Indian boy, Sahib. Past him, the youngest girl, Myrddin, who looked like she was holding back tears. Across from her were the two other boys, Bobby and Terry.

She knew despite their situation, there was no escaping them. She could try to be evasive in the Prison, but it would be in vain. She would still have to try to take what's rightfully theirs. Ironically, even though she hated the situation, taking other people's possessions was her greatest gift. She was a powerful battler, but she needed another tactic. She smirked cruelly to herself, her ego shining through her haze of despair. The situation was a pristine set-up; there were four boys, all roughly her age, and one other girl who didn't look like a threat right now. She could already see herself pulling the strings. Her plan developed as the submarine continued into the abyss towards the Gladiator Prison. It was iconic and almost foolproof if she could con them into falling for her. She would become the Damsel in Distress.

The submarine finally docked, and the huge dome of the Gladiator Prison shone with artificial light. It started small with the submarine dock, and then grew into a single huge dome, divided into two large areas. The first was the stage, where the battles would go down for the cruel spectators, and the second half farther down was a bio-dome, full of Pokemon to train against and capture. It then branched into two domes to the side; one was the trainer’s quarters, with places for meals, the gym, and other small items. On the opposite side was a similar dome, where Team Rocket organized the miniature war under the water.

Shaelin gazed in awe at the grandeur of the Gladiator Prison; it was, in fact, glamorous. The furniture was all antique, wooden and cloth. She had expected metal and dirt, instead of gold and plush carpet. Even just at the entrance lounge she felt the pressure of the water, the pressure of the other trainers, and the pressure of the Warden. She felt like this was a decent time to start her Damsel in Distress scheme, seeing how she felt woozy. She promptly gave a little gasp, and fainted towards Sahib, hoping he would be quick enough to catch her.
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