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    Sahib was annoyed. He was on a submarine to who knew where, and it pissed him off a bit. He shifted in his spot and stared up at the ceiling. A voice had said something moments previously, but Sahib hadn’t really thought a whole lot about it. Seemed like an ominous threat, but Sahib didn’t really care. He just wanted to get off this thing, because he sure as heck didn’t plan on wasting his time wherever they were. Sahib hadn’t even bothered with his handcuffs. It was obvious they weren’t too keen on coming off anytime soon. He sighed and continued staring at the ceiling, wishing there was something a bit more interesting to at least past the time if he was being kidnapped.

    Finally Sahib decided to look at the other people. There was a girl with a weird name...what was it? Shaelin, that was it. Then there was another guy next to her named Brent. They both sort of looked shocked. Sahib moved to the next girl seated beside him. Her name was also a bit different. It was Myrddin. She looked like she was going to cry. Sahib tried not to be annoyed at this. He looked at the other two boys as well, and then went back to entertaining himself with the ceiling. He tried to find patterns, but that didn’t seem to work. Soon he grew bored of this, and began to think about their current situation and problem.

    He figured he would need a plan. Something told him that this was going to test more than just his battling skills. Sahib looked around him, checking over the people in the room once more. Each of them held things in their eyes that Sahib couldn’t quite place, and Sahib figured he was no different. Grunting softly as he shifted again, Sahib began to plan. He didn’t think that becoming a threat would get him far in this case, but wasn’t quite sure. Sahib thought about a television show he had seen once when he was a child. The strongest were always picked off first, but the clear problem was that everyone (if they were actually smart) would try to play the innocent and weak card. Sahib didn’t like it. He shook his head slightly, deciding just to wait and see before he made his choice.

    It seemed to take so long before they landed to wherever they were. They stepped off the sub, and the first thing Sahib saw was a huge dome. His eyes narrowed. It looked gigantic, and he wasn’t quite sure if that was good for him or bad. Sahib decided it would be best just to be cautious about this whole thing at first. He followed the group just a little ways to the entrance lounge. Sahib was simply observing his surroundings, when suddenly that Shaelin girl gave a little gasp. Sahib had a split second to make sure he was the only one who could do anything, before he had to do something. Sahib inwardly sighed and grabbed her hand. It wasn’t like he was going to go all majestic and wrap his arms around her or something.

    He gazed at her cooly, figuring out exactly what she was doing. He wasn’t stupid. “Watch your step,” he said, letting go of her once he had made sure she wasn’t going to suddenly hit the floor. Then he went back to looking around, pretending like nothing had just happened. He wasn’t going to start getting close to people now.

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