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Hello, I´m a rom-hacker of Pokemon games for less than a month.
I have begun to change Pokémon SS and thanks for your comments on this post, I managed to change many things.
I've heard that there is a program to edit the Pokémon from the trainers, which was also used for Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
Does anyone know what it is? "And someone has a tutorial for that program to SS?

Forgive my broken English.

Hello to all the hacker site and thanks for all your information about modifying Soul Pokemon Silver, but I have a big problem.
I edit the content evo.narc not a/0/3/4 and how.
Could anyone help and give me a list of Pokémon SS hex?
Thanks in advance.
Sorry if I do not understand my Engrish well, I'm using Google's translators.
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