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@KingCharizard: Lol. And it was taken at night, that's why it's a bit contrast heavy.

@CrazyNinjaGuy: Thank you. And it isn't to do with Honey trees.

@pikarich: Spell... well I guess you could say that...

@Wind Gale: Thanks. All will be revealed soon.

@zane203: Thanks... I think xD

The main character sprite was finally completed, by me though, since my spriter isn't replying. So that means I can finally show you allof the new screens from new and updated maps! As well as that, there's the amazingly brilliant menu system by CrazyNinjaGuy. For now, it's only the start of it, but inside it will look quite similar to the HG/SS one, just on one screen.
Here's the screens:

You can see glimpses of the players starting town as well as the new menu system. All other maps have been heavily updated and I've added nice new clouds. The sprite is by Godlytion and edited by Nimmy23 and me. I did notice the error on the top center one. Comments?

As well as all of this, the front page has been updated to be a lot more friendly on the eyes, after Sugar complained, then a few other people...
It look a lot nicer too, in my opinion.

Demo Beta out Now!