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Originally Posted by helloNL View Post
if you wanna edit the rom you need to keep the old settings or you cant edit it
or you need to change every ini file and that isnt always possible
Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
Well, you've been told already that the Header of the ROM is probably something A-Map or unLZgba doesn't know... they only can read regular ones... open up a CLEAN Spanish Fire Red ROM and copy the Game Title and the Game Code onto the one you are having trouble with. It should work just fine after that.
(Since RHEA stands for Rom Header Editor Advanced, it's quite obvious that this is a header problem, the maker of the hack has changed the header in hopes that someone wouldn't change things in the ROM, you SHOULD honor that and play it the way it was supposed to be played, since I assume you are doing this to change the Wild Pokemon data to get what you want... (I've seen it happen before so I'm just assuming.))
It worked!! Bless you all, I've been hoping for this for so long. You were right, I just like to play games with my own custom team. Thanks for your time and help, I really do appreciate it!!
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