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    Jeeze, I haven't been here in forever. Congrats to new shinies everyone :D.

    I've been quite busy, and I recently lost my job(business closed), so I've spent a lot of time shiny hunting. So far this year I've gotten shiny Latias, Latios, Torchic and Kangaskhan. The first three were SR'd for and the Kangaskhan hatched(Masuda Method) in 72 eggs.

    I'm currently SRing for a secret shiny in SoulSilver, Kecleon in Sapphire 1, and random encountering for Poochyena/Zigzagoon/Wurmple on Route 101 in Sapphire 2(plus some Beldum SR's on the side in Ruby). I'm up to 10529 SR's for my secret SS shiny currently, crossing my fingers that it'll appear before 20k SR's.

    So once again congrats to new shinies everyone .
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