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After playing some Half Life 2 for awhile, I got this idea that kind of popped up in my head.

Overall Plot

The setting is maybe 1 or 2 years after the original games. All the maps are pretty much the same as far as location and everything goes and everything is in Kanto.

You play as a character that seems to have woken up from out of nowhere, as you awake on a bus that leads you into the new Saffron city (If you're a Half Life 2 fan, yes if you don't like that this is ripping off the opening of that game, stop reading, lol). Everything appears to be different, and you soon find out that a year or two earlier, there was a takeover of Saffron City so that Giovanni and the rest of Team Rocket could get the new master ball from the president of the company in order to catch legendary pokemon, and more specifically, Mewtwo (just assume that Giovanni was going to get Mewtwo if he had the opportunity, okay?).

There was a hero that tried to stop Giovanni and Team Rocket from reaching their goals. Unfortunately, he failed, and Giovanni took the master ball away and the rest is history. Once Team Rocket seized control of Mewtwo, they completed their takeover of Saffron City, and the rest of Kanto fell like dominoes. It only took a few months before all of Kanto was under the rule of Giovanni and Team Rocket had full control.


So basically, you are playing in a world where the hero from RBY failed to stop Team Rocket. After learning of what's going on in game, you meet up with a resistance group trying to take back Kanto and stop Giovanni where you then get your starter and set off on adventures going from checkpoint to checkpoint or trying to beat the gym leaders/Rocket Bosses at each city.


Challenging Puzzles -- Also like in Half Life 2, you had to think outside of the box sometimes to get to the next area and use whatever you had on you to do it. There would be some parts in the game where you have to find a key card or move boulders around to get to another area or have a certain pokemon in your possession that's required to move on. Idk, something innovative that can make the game fun outside of battling. I know it exists in every pokemon game, but I'm looking for more outside-the-box stuff.

Quick Passage thru Underground Tunnels - No bikes, no Fly, no easy ways to get around here. Some HMs will be given out, but Surf won't be easily used and there won't be too many places to utilize it until much later parts in the game. The theme here is that once you unlock a certain part of the game, the resistance will have by then completed a portion of their secret underground tunnel that goes from city to city without notice.

Pokemon Harder to Come By
- Until the hero starts freeing up cities from Team Rocket, wildlife areas won't be accessible or rather, pokemon won't show up. At certain checkpoints in the game, there will be Safari Zones that Team Rocket has opened up that lets the player catch pokemon. Most encounters are going to be Rocket based pokemon. Which leads me to point 2....

There are No Pokeballs
- You will get them two ways: Through events, and through Safari Zones.

To sum up the last two features... Enter city A, you will only encounter Rocket pokemon in grass. Purge city A, you unlock the normal pokemon of that area.

I don't know whether or not to include a whole lot more Pokemon from Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh, the point is to basically relive the first game from a different point of view and storyline.