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Originally Posted by Blazers View Post
Oh my YAYYYY!!! (spammy yes)
Looking fantastical Flood, good work buddy!
lol Thanks Blazers

Originally Posted by snap12 View Post
Ahhh its back! I can tell just from the cool CSS design that your serious about finishing Carbon once and for all. All the screenies look good in my opinion except for the night one (I think its a little too dark, not a big deal though. The palette works, just a little dark). and the second to last one. Eton doesn't have a level?

Anyways, good luck man, we all know you can do it!

Edit: I decided I actually like the night screenie, haha
Thanks you! Yeah I kinda think that The Original Essentials Night tone looks a little too dark as well so I'll get around to fixing that sooner or later lol, Glad you like the Game though.

Originally Posted by Chibi Robo View Post
Looking really great Ty. Im sure people will really appreciate the huge improvements in the graphics. It also looks like you have sprited all of the sprites. Which really impresses me. Coal's backsprite could use a bit more work. Looks kinda funky :l
But anyways it looks amazing Ty.
Thanks Chibi. You know the more I hear about the backsprite, the more I realize the hair doesn't look too much like the Artworks. That'll be one of my first Priorities I guess lol. Oh Yeah I have nearly all the Hero/Heroine sprites done. Just have to fix the males backsprite and make the Females.

Originally Posted by Ven View Post
Looks pretty nice, well the heroes overworld sprite, especially the side sprite, needs a bit of work, the hair looks a bit squished together, and while I'm at it, I kinda think you should scrap te day/night system. It's your game so It's your choice, but your graphics look pretty bad during the night, but during the day they look gorgious.
Ah Thanks Ven! Good to hear from you again. Yeah the hair shading makes it look a bit unroundish I'll fix it up a bit later on. I don't think I'll scrap the Day/Night system since I loved that Idea in Gold/Silver, but I will correct the Hourly tones so that It looks alright with the Outside maps. I'll add a bit more life to each map as well. Thanks again

Originally Posted by mulch_ar View Post
Yeah, Carbon is back! I've waited for this, and this is one of my favorites here. Great Screeenies and sprites (and what's up with the Snorlax there? -,-). Keep up the good work!
Ha ha Thanks Mulch. Oh the Snorlax is a Big Plush doll or Beenie ( I think) Made by Alucus, I put it in there to give the house a more Kid/teenager feel.

Originally Posted by help-14 View Post
I don't like hero's hair, It seem not real.
lol It's not supposed to be too realistic. You could get his style of hair with some Hair gel though I suppose If someone wanted to try to bring it to the real world lol.

Originally Posted by Pandemonioum View Post
I think Coal gets a nice unique look with that hair and it should not be changed, or it could be cooler....I just don't know how. But backsprite hair is little off, you may need to work on it.

I am probably first one to mention this but Cyan is hot like hell. She is probably hottest of all playable Pokémon character, nice job done with her.
Thanks. I have a few Ideas on how he could look better but I'll keep it the way it is for the fact that I change things too much and I'm trying to break away from that If it isn't bad lol. lol Yeah I think a few People have said She's Cute, thanks man Glad you like 'em.

Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
Beautiful, I love this newly revamped game, or whatever you want to call it. This one goes on my 3 favorites.
lol Yeah It's basically a start over pretty much lol, Thanks alot!

Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
The concept art for the characters is amazing, do you by any chance do requests for that I like how the normal sprites are larger as well, room for a lot more detail and it makes it look unique. The screens are good too, if I could script that's exactly how I would have done the dual screen system. Btw, aren't some of those indoor tiles by Alucus of borg?
Thanks and sorry, But I don't at the moment. I still owe a few concepts to Calis Staff lol. Oh alot of Indoor as well as outdoor tiles are By Alucus, Dew and I, but Both Dew and Alucus are part of the Calis Projects staff, that's why it just stays Calis projects in the credits lol. They've all helped me one way or another.

Originally Posted by KaiVii View Post
I like the night palette myself but the purple are on the gound looks alittle odd, maybe make it a little less red? Not sure
Thank you, I'll see what I can do

Originally Posted by ! AvatarKris ! View Post
Again .... you didn't give me credit for OW's
Again? I gave you credit on the last thread, Just forgot to add you in on this one. MercurySky reminded me that I forgot a few people on the Calisprojects site, so I'll add those I missed in today. Sorry for forgetting to add you in. You're in there now lol.

Also If you guys want more detail on Games from Calis projects, You should go to the main site. That's where we answer a lot of questions about the Games and Show a lot more there then here.

Originally Posted by Emerex View Post
Nice to see that pokemon carbon is back Screenshots and fakemons look good.
Thanks, and Glad you like 'em

Alright I thought I Should post something up since It's been a while, although not too many screens, the ones below do show a few new things in Carbon

A new Menu layout with new Buttons, Finally! And if you can guess the others. Yep Clear water effect. It's a fun little Idea that Mercury Sky got around to, so asked him for permission to use it. I thought It'd be good In Carbon for quite a Few Reasons. The Pokeball under the water gives one reason (can anyone say new HM?). I might get rid of the Reflections or edit the script to include a part that If it's put in an event, It'll omit the Reflection from the underwater Pokemon such as Remoraid (Who's hiding under Lillies in some screens lol) and Lanturn. There will be alot of other Pokemon swimming beneath you as well.

The Males OW's have been fixed so now It's not as flat as it was and I like the Color of his hair as well with the blue shine it shows in daytime.

The night screens are just demonstrating how dark it'll get at night. THAT'S AS FAR AS IT GOES NOW . So now People can see what's going on at night lol. Even Chinchou lights up at night.

Last but not least, the Titlescreen which Throws a Lightning effect at you every few seconds or so, so the Sillouhette of one of the main legendaries will flash at you every now and again, then darken back up until all you can see is the Red eye and Jewel (Flashing script thanks to CP)

Well that's about it. Tell me what you think and what you want to see come next update. Thanks for viewing

Note: The screen with the white haired man is old and is just filler since I couldn't think of another screen to post lol