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Originally Posted by Ramen! View Post
So basically, I've been trying my tablet more and more, and I have here my last two drawings I have done, of Chris Ingle aka nevershoutnever!, and Oli Sykes, lead singer [screamer] for Bring my the Horizon, no I don't like the band xD
What is up with his neck? It looks like someone ripped off his flesh and revealed the inner skin... [/shudders] What's the design of the t-shirt supposed to be?
Um, fix his crippled index finger, Dukey.

Overall, I recommend that you stop sucking and go back to gfx, boi I applaud you for the coloring; it's very nice. The drawing of the guitar is cute.

You just need to fix on some minor problems and you'll be golden. Do you draw this in the computer or in real life?
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