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    It's been quite a while since I've seen an update. Since you're taking opinions, I may as well throw in my two cents (just on the ones that have notable differences, after comparing them with the previous versions on the Acanthite site):

    Tidalisk: Like I said last time I saw this version, it looks fine as is. It's honestly not much more 'bulky' than Sceptile (the current fastest final evo Starter). But, regardless, I'm sure it'll still look fine if you do slim it a little.

    Kestrawk: Awesome. Can't wait to see it colored in. I assume it'll keep the red-&-brown color scheme?

    Gobleaf: Gobleaf itself is fine, but yeah, the evos could use a bit of a revamp. (Ninble & Grasassin, especially; Beauteppe & Swardiful, not quite as much.) Al;so, something on Grasassin, specifically: I noticed sometime back you changed Massacrow's name to Execrow, but Grasassin's name was left that logic, I'm a little surprised.

    Limbash & Armaster: Well, they do look a tad more like Fighting-types now, but lose the nips - Pokemon & nips don't mix (with the exception of Nuzleaf). (Unless it's like the original Limbash design, where they're just markings.)

    Terazecker: I like Comfy Cushion's the best; Nintendo Jr.'s looks too much like Woodrill, and this one looks more like a final evo than the original.

    Rabbair: I agree; Hallm3's is the best version.

    Bunnigust & Lagowind: Lagowind needs to be considerably bigger-looking than it is (pretty much like you said). Bunnigust is fine, I guess.

    Protrohm: Frankly, the whole line is bizarre. But this does look better than the first.

    Thundull: It finally looks like a Pokemon. Way, way better.

    Bouldon & Jabadon: Definitely more polished than the previous sketches.

    Chalistone: I'm not sure which one looks better, actually.

    Dolphlare & Blubburn: Better than before; Dolphlare also looks more like a dolphin now.

    Gremleye: Looks more like a Pokemon, at the expense of looking a tad too much like Sableye - although my opinion might change if I were to see the color scheme.

    Halove: Looks a little more Pokemon-ey.

    Malismite: Looks a little better & a little more aggressive.

    Pestiloak: WAY cooler than the old design.

    Mandune: Couldn't find it on the original list; but anyway, nah, it doesn't look too similar to Jungilo. Might want to use a slightly darker greenish-brown, though.

    Matomic & Nuclound: Uncolored, the new Matomic looks a tad too much like Rotom, although that might get worse seeing as they're roughly the same color anyway. I'd suggest using a brighter yellow.

    Striktoil & Viperno: I'm not sure if I like the new Striktoil better, but the new Viperno looks awesome.

    Chimenra: I like the teardrop pattern on the face; it fits it very well.

    Corrodogon: More Pokemon-like, but less intimidating. Any way to combine the 2 designs a bit?

    Missingno (Decode Form): Cool idea. Will it still evolve into Mistrync (in a different form), or something else, or not at all?

    Geminine: Why change the current design?


    I'm still not entirely sold on the design of Samawraith; it seems out of place evolving from a Pokemon based on a female yokai. Not sure where you were trying to go with it.
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