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Originally Posted by Java's Missingno. View Post
These look like nice models, but I have to ask - why .blend files?
Because I was searching for a good enough cross-platform format that would support multiple textures, no texture size limit, weights and bone (yet) animation, before including it in the archive.
I thought it would be better to upload the original blends with toon shading applied for now. And since Blender is free, anyone would be able to download it and convert it to the format of their choice.
Looks like there is no way to export the toon shading to other program, so youll have to make one yourself, sorry:

Wouldn't .fbx be more usable in general? (I'm not entirely sure because everything I worked with was compatible with my modelling program from the start and don't know about other game development tools.)
Does it support all I mentioned above? Is it well supported among programs?
If you want the models, I can upload obj files with mtl now.
EDIT: failed with 2 textures...
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