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    Welcome to POKETRADE & SERVICES!
    Shop is Owned By: Karinxogee and Impo
    Services Offered:
    -Day Care Services
    -Breeding Services
    -PokeMart Services
    -Cloning Services

    -Regular Pokemon

    Free Pokemon(s) of the Week!
    Each week these Pokemon will be changed, there will always be a colored theme for the Pokemon. There will always be one shiny giveaway and two regular Pokemon given away. Each person may receive the three of these Pokemon once a week.
    Pokemon Theme: Blue
    And so with that out of the way the Pokemon of the week are:

    Mudkip Nature's Available:
    Quirky x2
    Careful x2
    Hardy x2
    AND MORE...(You May Also Request Natures)

    Shiny Gardevoir Nature Available:

    Bagon Nature Available:
    Hasty x2
    Docile x2
    Relaxed x2
    Quirky x2
    Hardy x2
    AND MORE..(You May Request Natures Too!)

    Today's Date:
    Date Need By:
    Pokemon Wanted:
    Pokemon Offered:
    Nature Requested:
    Level Wanted:
    Box #:
    Trainer's Name(Impo/Karinxogee):
    Friend Code:
    How To Contact You:

    Karinxogee's Pokemon:

    Box 1 - Kanto Pokemon
    Bulbasaur, Calm, Male, Lvl 1
    Bulbasaur, Gentle, Male, Lvl 1
    Bulbasaur, Docile, Male, Lvl 1
    Bulbasaur, Relaxed, Male, Lvl 11
    Charizard, Serious, Male, Lvl 62
    Charmander, Calm, Male, Lvl 1
    Clefairy, Impish, Male, Lvl 12
    Cubone, Jolly, Female, Lvl 4
    Diglett, Bold, Female, Lvl 16
    Eevee, Lax, Female, Lvl 20
    Golem, Modest, Female, Lvl 32 Pokerus
    Krabby, Hasty, Female, Lvl 49
    Mankey, Relaxed, Female, Lvl 9
    Mr. Mime, Adamant, Male, Lvl 29
    Nidoran, Serious, Female, Lvl 7
    Nidoran, Bold, Male, Lvl 1
    Nidoran, Naughty, Male, Lvl 3
    Pikachu, Naive, Female, Lvl 18
    Rattata, Jolly, Male, Lvl 47
    Rhydon(Nickname Rhinoferos), Bashful, Male, Lvl 42
    Scyther, Lonely, Female, Lvl 1
    Scyther, Mild, Female, Lvl 20
    Squirtle, Sassy, Male, Lvl 1
    Staryu, Hardy, Lvl 36
    Tangela, Naughty, Male, Lvl 1
    Tangrowth, Modest, Male, Lvl 33
    Tentacruel,, Gentle, Female, Lvl 47
    Venonat, Lonely, Male, Lvl 1
    Voltorb, Hardy, Lvl 29
    Vulpix, Modest, Male, Lvl 1
    Wartortle, Bold, Female, Lvl 26
    Weepinbell, Careful, Female, Lvl 27

    Box 2 - Johto
    Ampharos, Calm, Male, Lvl 69
    Corsola, Mild, Female, Lvl 50
    Chikorita, Serious, Male, Lvl 1
    Cyndaquil, Mild, Female, Lvl 1
    Donphan, Modest, Male, Lvl 27
    Dunsparce, Relaxed, Female, Lvl 18
    Elekid, Docile, Male, Lvl 10
    Girafarig, Timid, Female, Lvl 26
    Houndour, Brave, Female, Lvl 23
    Larvitar, Serious, Female, Lvl 1
    Marill, Sassy, Female, Lvl 4
    Marill, Lax, Male, Lvl 22
    Pineco, Hasty, Female, Lvl 19
    Smeargle, Quiet, Female, Lvl 1
    Totodile(Nicknamed Kaminus), Sassy, Male, Lvl 12
    Togepi, Docile, Male, Lvl 1
    Togetic,Lonely, Male, Lvl 81

    Box 3 - Hoenn
    Absol, Bashul, Male, Lvl 1
    Combusken, Quiet, Male, Lvl 17
    Dusclops, Rash, Male, Lvl 40
    Dusclops, Lax, Male, Lvl 40
    Grumpig, Relaxed, Female, Lvl 35
    Lotad, Careful, Male, Lvl 3
    Lotad, Naughty, Female, Lvl 4
    Makuhita, Mild, Female, Lvl 9
    Poochyena, Hasty, Male, Lvl 8
    Roselia, Bashful, Male, Lvl 20
    Sableye, Lax, Female, Lvl 10
    Seedot, Gentle, Male, Lvl 3
    Slakoth, Quiet, Male, Lvl 5
    Slugma, Rash, Female, Lvl 16
    Skarmory, Rash, Male, Lvl 16
    Snorunt, Naive, Female, Lvl 33
    Spinda, Rash, Female, Lvl 16
    Swampert, Lonely, Male, Lvl 62
    Swellow, Calm, Female, Lvl 41
    Treecko, Quiet, Male, Lvl 10
    Torchic, Sassy, Male, Lvl 1
    Volbeat, Relaxed, Male, Lvl 49
    Wailmer, Quiet, Female, Lvl 35
    Whismur, Bold, Female, Lvl 7
    Wingull, Lax, Female, Lvl 4
    Wurmple, Hasty, Female, Lvl 3
    Wooper, Impish, Female, Lvl 26

    Box 4 - Sinnoh
    Buneary, Rash, Female, Lvl 11
    Bibarel, Quiet, Male, Lvl 18
    Chatot(Nickname Charap), Lonely, Female, Lvl 9
    Drifloon, Lax, Female, Lvl 15
    Gastrodon, Mild, Male, Lvl 28
    Gible, Calm, Female, Lvl 23
    Grotle, Naive, Male, Lvl 24
    Happiny, Docile, Female, Lvl 1
    Happiny, Quiet, Female, Lvl 1
    Mantyke(Nickname Parachute), Naive, Female, Lvl 36
    Munchlax, Hasty, Female, Lvl 1
    Rampardos, Timid, Male, Lvl 30
    Riolu, Relaxed, Male, Lvl 1
    Shinx, Serious, Female, Lvl 3
    Shinx, Mild, Male, Lvl 3
    Snover, Lonely, Male, Lvl 33
    Spiritomb, Bashful, Male, Lvl 1

    BBox 5 - Legendaries
    Articuno, Gentle, Lvl 60
    Articuno, Lax, Lvl 56 Pokerus
    Articuno(Nickname Melone), Naive, Lvl 50
    Cresselia, Lonely, Female, Lvl 50
    Shiny Giratina, Relaxed, Lvl 47
    Groudon, Hardy, Lvl 70
    Heatran, Gentle, Male, Lvl 70
    Kyogre, Lax, Lvl 70
    Latias, Careful, Female, Lvl 100
    Lugia, Bashful, Lvl 100
    Manaphy, Bold, Lvl 1
    Mesprit, Docile, Lvl 53
    Mewtwo, Rash, Lvl 77
    Moltres, Sassy, Lvl 50
    Moltres, Hasty, Lvl 60
    Phione, Calm, Lvl 44
    Rayquaza, Adamant, Lvl 70
    Regirock, Hardy, Lvl 100
    Rotom, Rash, Lvl 15
    Rotom, Sassy, Lvl 20
    Shiny Rotom, Hasty, Lvl 20
    Uxie, Brave, Lvl 50
    Uxie, Jolly, Lvl 60
    Shiny Uxie, Sassy, Lvl 50
    Zapdos, Quirky, Lvl 60
    Zapdos, Bashful, Lvl 51

    Box 6 - Shinies:
    Absol, Bold, Female, Lvl 70
    Aerodactyl, Hasty, Female, Lvl 64
    Bayleef, Quiet, Male, Lvl 25
    Beldum, Adamant, Lvl 54
    Bronzor, Jolly, Lvl 18
    Budew, Hasty, Male, Lvl 11
    Buneary, Calm, Female, Lvl 1
    Buizel, Mild, Male, Lvl 9
    Bulbasaur, Jolly, Male, Lvl 1
    Camerupt, Brave, Male, Lvl 53
    Chatot, Careful, Male, Lvl 54
    Cherrim, Careful, Female, Lvl 25
    Chikorita, Quiet, Male, Lvl 24
    Chimchar, Gentle, Male, Lvl 1
    Corsola, Lonely, Female, Lvl 48
    Cyndaquil, Lax, Male, Lvl 5
    Drowzee, Careful, Female, Lvl 21
    Duskull, Brave, Male, Lvl 1 Pokerus
    Eevee, Naive, Male, Lvl 5
    Electrike, Jolly, Female, Lvl 12
    Forretress, Adamant, Male, Lvl 31
    Gardevoir, Serious, Female, Lvl 30
    Gastly, Modest, Female, Lvl 1
    Gligar, Bold, Female, Lvl 16
    Grotle, Hasty, Male, Lvl 18
    Growlithe, Bashful, Female, Lvl 1
    Igglybuff, Gentle, Female, Lvl 1
    Lucario, Adamant, Male, Lvl 100
    Mareep, Modest, Female, Lvl 1
    Marowak, Calm, Female, Lvl 28
    Medicham, Relaxed, Male, Lvl 70
    Meditite, Impish, Female, Lvl 29
    Meganium, Qiuet, Male, Lvl 32
    Miltank, Serious, Female, Lvl 17
    Mime Jr., Brave, Female, Lvl 18
    Misdreavus, Gentle, Female, Lvl 10
    Mudkip, Docile, Male, Lvl
    Murkrow, Mild, Female, Lvl 1
    Pachirisu, Timid, Female, Lvl 11
    Piplup, Modest, Male, Lvl 1
    Ralts, Serious, Female, Lvl 1
    Raikou, Timid, Lvl 40
    Riolu, Adamant, Female, Lvl 1
    Shellos, Serious, Male, Lvl 26
    Shuckle, Careful, Male, Lvl 52
    Skarmory, Impish, Male, Lvl 56
    Smeargle, Impish, Male, Lvl 1
    Smoochum, Serious, Female, Lvl 47
    Sneasel, Rash, Female, Lvl 51
    Snover, Brave, Female, Lvl 33
    Spinda, Mild, Male, Lvl 17
    Spiritomb, Modest, Male, Lvl 1
    Swablu, Gentle, Female, Lvl 1
    Swinub, Rash, Female, Lvl 32
    Tentacool, Mild, Male, Lvl 20
    Togepi, Gentle, Male, Lvl 1
    Torchic, Relaxed, Male, Lvl 8
    Torterra, Hasty, Male, Lvl 32
    Totodile, Adamant, Male, Lvl 1
    Trapinch, Naive, Female, Lvl 1
    Treecko, Relaxed, Female, Lvl 1
    Tropius, Adamant, Male, Lvl 26
    Turtwig, Hast, Male, Lvl 1
    Tyrogue, Lax, Male, Lvl 1
    Voltorb, Bashful, Lvl 29
    Wingull, Careful, Female, Lvl 49
    Wurmple, Calm, Female, Lvl 10
    Zangoose, Adamant, Female, Lvl 78

    Box 7 - Ditto
    Ditto, Hardy, Lvl 65
    Japanese Ditto, Impish, Lvl 36

    Box 8 - Events
    Wishmaker Jirachi
    Toys R Us Arceus Nov 9, 2009(holding earth plate) Moves: Shadow Force, Special Rend, Judgement, Roar of Time
    12th Movie Toys R Us Arceus Nov 14, 2009 Moves: Judgement, Flamethrower, Shador Force, Roar of Time
    World 09 Weavile
    10ANI Celebi
    Gamestop Pikachu Colored Pichu
    VGC Shiny Milotic, Timid, Male, Lvl 50
    E4All Manaphy
    PKTOPIA Surfinf Pikachu

    1 Regular Pokemon = 1 Regular Pokemon
    2 Regular Pokemon = 1 Legendary Pokemon
    4 Regular Pokemon = 1 Shiny Pokemon *OR* 1 Event Pokemon
    5 Regular Pokemon = 1 Shiny Legendary
    2 Legendary Pokemon = 1 Shiny Pokemon *OR* 1 Event Pokemon

    Impo's Pokemon:
    Box 1 - Kanto

    Box 2 - Johto

    Box 3 - Hoenn

    Box 4 - Sinnoh

    Box 5 - Legendaries
    Shiny Lugia
    Shiny Raikou, Timid, Lvl 40
    Mewtwo, Rash, Lvl 77

    Box 6 - Shinies
    Alakazam, Bold, Lvl 54 EV'd 4HP/252SPATK/252SPD
    Skarmory, Impish, Lvl 56, EV'd 252HP/96ATK/140DEF/20SPD
    Larvitar, Lonely, Lvl 25
    Riolu, Adamant, Lvl 11
    Tyranitar, Adamant, Lvl 78, EV'd 252HP/96ATK/140DEF/20SPD
    Medicham, Relaxed, Lvl 70
    Ninnjask, Jolly, Lvl 100 EV'd 252ATK/128DEF/123SPDEF
    Starmie, Timid, Lvl 100 EV'd 4HP/252SPATK/252SPD
    Salamence, Adamant, Lvl 100 EV'd 4HP/252ATK/252SPD
    Arcanine, Bashful, Lvl 1

    Box 7 - Events
    Wishmaker Jirachi
    Toys R Us Arceus

    Service Section:

    Day Care Service Form:
    Today's Date:
    Date Need By:
    Levels(Eg. 1-50):
    Type of Care(EV or Rare Candy):
    Pokemon Offering(Only for EV):
    Friend Code:
    How To Contact You:

    Any other services that were listed at the top of the thread you just need to ask for =)

    Current Orders:
    Lapras Egg By me2hack

    Finished Orders:
    Larvitar Egg By me2hack 2/16/10
    Shiny Gardevoir By Arcanineflames23 2/16/10(GIVEWAY)

    Black List:

    White List:
    *People who are on this list may get any Pokemon on this thread for free*