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    JPAN I used the Specials 0x52 to the 0x55, and found a problem.

    When we use the 0x52 or 0x54 to put a status on any of the pokemon (example: SLEEP), and when we use the 0x53 and 0x55 to "turn off" the special, everything is fine.

    But .. when we catch the pokemon in question, it comes with with POISON status.

    I found another problem.

    When the routine is started, and the wild pokemon appearing on this being affected by it. Sometimes the status is only in Battlebox, but the pokemon in question is not suffering the damage status.

    Example: A pokemon with SLEEP.

    Sometimes the animation of Z (ZzZzZ. ..) does not appear, and the pokemon attacks us as if its status was normal.

    No way to solve this problems?
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