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    Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
    thanks man
    no...there isn't a link with the name of my hack "Crono" and CHRONO TRIGGER...
    I've chosen this name only for the link with the time

    After a long time without updates, I'm back to show you some new screens about the new version of crono..

    The 2009 is ended...
    so..thanks to all of the WAH's community, that had voted crono as Hack of the year of wah

    For now it's all!!
    soon new updates!!
    Wow, your titlescreen is magnificent, truely awesome and even better than your first one! your new textboxes are awesome, too! I'm also quite curious who that trainer in the 4th screen is... well, we'll see!

    Your new tiles are also pretty good, especially the water, truely epic (I wonder whether you can surf good in there... xD)!

    And, congrats for the almost-HotY at WAH. I think your hack is better than LP, but okay, congrats, it's still a big achivement!
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