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    Originally Posted by Totaldile View Post
    My idea is:

    You play as a new character in the region of Kanto (before the time of Green/Red/Blue/Yellow.)

    Professor Oak has finally captured the legendary Mew. While you are gettign your first pokemon, he releases it in his garden to run around after moths of hard training to make it trust him. Suddenly Team (Rocket maybe?) burst into the garden, in search of Mew. The noise spooks mew and it runs off. P. Oak uses some a Bulbasaur to send the invaders scuttling away. You then recieve your first pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.) and are sent off on a long journey in search of Mew. P. Oak also suggests that you challenge all the gyms to become stronger.
    Your rival would be a masked kid that you don't find out the identity of until later.
    Team (rocket?) wants Mew to create a new ultra-pokemon because Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon.
    What else could happen? I'm not sure...
    I think its generally good the mystery to it is good. th villian team (i say use team rocket) could be trying to create mewtwo that why it kind of ties into the movie in thye end you could get to catch mew but only after team rocket gets dna of mew and then you could countinue with the first movie plot with mewto and his clones but that is just an idea