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@Pokéstorm: Thank you. And of course it is

@PokemonOI: Thanks, I'll try.

@CrazyNinjaGuy: Thanks, and thank the brilliant tile artists of PC for that.

@Piplup-Trainer: Thank you It's actually based off the 4th gen games. The clouds are the rmxp ones, but doubled in size and edited slightly. And the menu is great isn't it
You haven't seen anything of the story yet, but thanks anyway.
9/10 is great and more screens in a week.

@pikarich: Thanks and in answer to your qustion ^.

I just noticed that my main spriter, Godlytion, actually did send me the new sprite but I just forgot, so I could have updated weeks ago instead of a few days ago... Anyway, here's the newer, green haired, main male hero's overworld sprite:

Looks nice doesn't it? The front pages screens have been updated with the new sprite (except the night one, I'll have to wait untill night to change that xD), if you want to see the difference then scroll up to the last update

After the update next week I'll be leving the prodject for a few weeks to get back into competitive battling again. This is because I always get into battling for a few weeks then go back to game developing. Make sure you keep the thread in the first page

Demo Beta out Now!