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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
JPAN, I have yet another bug:
When placing a script to be called at a button press, all the game does is not permit me to move while I have that button pressed. Once I let go, I can move again. The script is never called.

Also, on the trainer battle script runner, can you make a sound 0x15 happen at the ! mark?
JPAN already helped me solve this. Quite simple really (I assume you talking about place key script?)

Open the ROM you patched with the engine in a hex editor. Navigate to 0x16008C. Reverse the pointer stored at 0x16008C, add 0x12, then navigate to this new offset. The byte should be a 0x91, change it to a 0x81. Fixed!

Originally Posted by Quil View Post
Ah, that way ;p I misunderstood you. Yeah, that's right. HM's like Surf and Fly can't be made though scripting. Headbutt, however, can. ;p
Yes, however, the headbutt script can only be run when the user presses A on a tree, but Surf is a tile permission and fly is called through the party screen. Both of these would require ASM routines, and it would probably be hard to make them call a script without bugs. So if you wanted something like this,the best option would probably be to create an ASM routine that does what you want within the routine, rather than calling a script.
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