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    Originally Posted by ArmageddonAsh View Post
    Some nice pokes, im interested in the following
    could you please tell me there lvl, nature and moves :

    Shiny Zangoose Adamant lvl 100 (Slash, Close Combat, Pursuit, Crush Claw)
    Shiny Exgeggcute/Exeggutor Sassy lvl 20 (Reflect,Leech Seed, Bullet Seed Stun Spore)
    Shiny Shedninja Jolly lvl 20 (Scratch, Fury Swipes, Leech Life, Fury Cutter)
    Shiny Beautifly Relaxed lvl 80 (Whirlwind,Attract,Silver Wind, Giga Drain)
    Shiny Nidoking Lax lvl 100 (Megahorn,IceBeam,Thunder bolt, Earth Power)
    Shiny Pikachu/Raichu Modest lvl 45 (Thunder,Discharge,Quick Attack, Thunderbolt)
    Thanx ive been collecting for a while now , just decided to get back into the buisness before HG and SS

    Originally Posted by stavross View Post
    bad natureXD but i am still interested in the TRU regigigas.. would you want a shiny UT pichu for it?
    Umm not really any other shinies? or ev'd shines :3.
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