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Some general notes: No, I haven't stopped writing. In fact, this story *is* finished. It's just that my beta couldn't finish beta-ing it in time, so yes, this chapter will be posted as it is, not beta-read, typos and grammar stuff included. Sorry for that.
Plus, this chapter is very plot-talk-heavy and may be hard to understand. Sorry for that, too.

@CPF No, Sabrina won't loose anything there. The only one who *might* loose something is Hunter J. 0=) And Karen, but that's just for jokes. XD *winks at Zammy*

And Cynthia was speaking. She was the second blonde woman. 0=) I did not repeat myself, that was done on purpose.

Chapter 7, Part 4: Pact

Hunter J didn’t pay much attention to the things she should have paid attention to in this moment. Her mind was troubled enough with sorting out what she had experienced during the last hours. Hunter J rarely had to fight so fiercely to get a mission completed and she could only remember one group of three teenagers sabotaging her as badly as these league trainers had.

So she didn’t notice that her cell phone had been blinking and beeping loudly for at least ten minutes, and she didn’t notice that a large group of her henchmen had taken off into another direction, either out of fright or of simple lack of orientation, as her airship wasn’t easy at all to navigate through and she hadn’t been stupid enough to put up maps in case of an nearly impossible invasion which had, proven by the current circumstances, still happened in the end.

The woman stopped and gasped for air, taking one moment to over think the situation. She had to phone Cynthia and tell her that she would have to give her the Espeon now, no further delays allowed; otherwise, the whole mission was in danger of getting blown. She looked around frantically. Were the league trainers already taken care of? She didn’t know, she hadn’t stayed to watch, but she was fairly sure that she had closed the door behind her. But closing was not an equivalent of locking off...

“Wah!” She stumbled forward and hit the wall hard, the air knocked out of her lungs and she herself nearly knocked out. Something, or rather, someone, had tackled her from behind and grabbed her waist to pull her down. And, sadly, said someone had succeeded so far, but Hunter J wasn’t one for giving up. She still held the stonified Espeon tight in her arms, having taken it again from her henchmen. She had thought that the Pokemon would be more endangered if one of her less than dumb workers took care of it, but apparently, she had been quite wrong.

Someone else stepped in front of her. Hunter J looked up and saw the shining leather of black boots and a quite angry woman dressed in red wearing them. She glared at the Pokemon hunter, before allowing a smirk to appear on her face. And then, she stepped on the hand that was still grabbing the Pokemon, while bending forward and ripping something from the other woman’s neck. Hunter J yelped in pain as her knuckles cracked loudly and, against her will, she started to cry.

Will gasped for air and steadied himself, before blinking in surprise. Karen had managed to make Hunter J fall, and Sabrina had just taken the Espeon from her, at the same time hurting her fingers seriously. He had not known Sabrina to be so full of revenge, such cruelness had rather been the speciality of Karen, but it seemed as if the two women had changed places for the time being.

Sabrina stepped to the side, not paying Hunter J any more mind, while Karen pushed the helpless, whimpering woman against the wall, holding her fiercely by the collar. With her bony features, Karen certainly didn’t look like it, but she seemed to have the strength to overtake many enemies physically. That or her powers were the deciding factors here...

Speaking of powers...Will blinked, but before he could form the question, Karen had started to interrogate Hunter J with a snarl.

“So now, little “Sabrina forcefully ignored the word”, tell me who you’re working for!”

“Never!” J answered fast and harshly, not facing Karen.

“Hmpf, I wish- and you’ll wish too, that we could have settled this the easy way...” The dark trainer snickered. “Maybe you’ll be more talkative after I’ve ‘clouded’ any disturbing thoughts from your mind...” Will could swear that Karen’s voice had just gained an inhuman amount of seducing, and Hunter J had gained a paleness that equalled Sabrina’s.

“Please, we don’t need to be aggressive.” Sabrina smiled and Will shuddered again. Out of all the women in the room, there was only one that didn’t scare him anymore, and that was the villain...

“I can rip the answers right from her mind, my powers aren’t blocked anymore.” Will raised his hand as if he was in school, feeling that any more open gesture would cause the two female league trainers to turn their aggression towards him. Sabrina sighed and glared at him, just answering him telepathically. <You weren’t watching her when she used that blocker necklace of hers, so yes, indeed, your powers weren’t blocked.>

Karen shrugged. “Your decision. I guess both methods leave her more or less mind raped.” She bit her tongue in a lascivious way; Sabrina rolled her eyes and muttered that she hadn’t been so interested in causing a future prisoner who could be of value for *two* leagues to spend the rest of her life in a madhouse.

“No, no, no!” Hunter J had gained a bit of colour, but only in certain places, leaving her to look like a Spinda with measles. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk...just...never *this* again! Oh, please, never!” She grabbed her face with both of her hands, hiding it in shame and fear. Sabrina and Karen stared at each other, then shrugged, though Will couldn’t help but notice that Karen looked a bit disappointed.

J was shuddering, her teeth nearly chattering and Will wondered if she was in shock or what else caused the strong hunter to act like this. But even if he had known what had happened months ago in a hotel in Sinnoh- that alone would have surprised the heck out of him, he wouldn’t have been prepared for what J was about to say, rather deciding that going into shock was an adequate option. Thankfully, both Sabrina and Karen were steadier than him and took the time to listen and combine.

“It’s Cynthia.”

“What?” Will exclaimed, but Karen hit his arm with her heels and he was silenced, and speechless. The two women just continued to stare at J.

“She...she told me to steal the Espeon and the Pokemon egg that were on their way to the Indigo Plateau.” J held her head down. “Please, that’s all I know. Don’t do anything to me, please, no....” She whimpered, and Karen, who still pushed her against the wall, turned around.

“As surprising as this is, I have the feeling it just opens more and more questions, don’t you, too?” Sabrina nodded, staring at J with a hard to read expression. To tell the truth, Will, who had so far assumed that he knew her well enough to decipher her emotions anytime, was completely clueless about what she was thinking about.

Karen stood up, leaving J to slump against the wall, crying and sniffing there like a helpless baby. The great hunter had just crumbled her image as surely as a wallet wielded by the right woman would have done it. “We knew that Cynthia was about to fob something off the league, right?” Sabrina nodded sourly while glaring at Will, who was even more clueless than before.

Karen closed her eyes. “Now the question did she want to achieve this?” The dark trainer turned to Sabrina. “The mix up with the real present and the fake one....what do you think? Could it have been planned out by Cynthia? I’m no expert on international relationships, but I suppose presents, even symbolical ones, are required to keep positive feedback of each other...especially for the host.”

Sabrina bit her lip. She felt uncomfortable talking about this, but to solve the puzzle she had to give in her pieces. “You’re right about the importance of presents in this...superficial society.” She hissed the last words. “But then, Cynthia should have known about the egg, right? And... she can’t have manipulated the two ‘presents’. In this case, she would have sorely depended on the fact that Will and I mix up the numbers and that there isn’t a suitable present with the wrong number.” The psychic gym leader shook her head. “That can’t be the solution.”

Karen nodded. “So...we know that Cynthia wanted to hurt Indigo’s League. We know she hired some Hunter to steal an Espeon and an egg which was supposed to be given to her as a present...” Karen raised an eyebrow. “There has to be a reason. I mean...why would she friggin steal something that would be given to her anyway? And since she ordered dear J here to steal the egg, she knew it was the secret present. Hm...”

Will raised his hand. “We know another thing. The egg and the Espeon were sent too late.”

Karen took a deep breath. “Now, was this an accident or not? Knowing Cynthia and how much planning she seems to have put into this, probably not.” The dark woman walked around the plain, dark blue room.

J coughed, not sure if she was allowed to speak or even if she should speak, knowing her situation. “No, I was ordered to steal the egg with the official date of its arrival here given. If Cynthia had known that it would be delayed, she wouldn’t have ordered me to wait for it on that date.” She shook her head, strains of her blue hair drained with sweat. “I even phoned her when I saw that the container with the egg and the Espeon, seeing as both were supposed to arrive on the same day, was not here yet. Lance didn’t know about it, either.”

“Well, seeing as he is Cynthia’s mind slave now” Both Will and Sabrina stared in deep shock at each other when Karen blurted this out, “he’s likely to have been manipulated for a long time, maybe Cynthia made him not know about it.”
Everyone else nodded. “There was, though, a change in plan when the egg and the Espeon did not arrive.” J looked up. “I told Cynthia who the two representatives were”, she nodded to Will and Sabrina,” and she ordered me to observe them.” While the two psychic trainers exchanged looks which rated from surprised to shocked, Karen nodded.

“It does make sense in a way...” Sabrina mumbled that she had never questioned the logic behind, but Karen ignored her. “See it from Cynthia’s point of the end, she had two chances to demolish the league. First, if everything had went well, you two wouldn’t have any present for her, because if it had arrived in time, J would have stolen it! And while you come to her empty handed, Cynthia could triumphantly announce that her secret Sinnoh agents or whoever would play the clown’s role had found out that Kanto’s league has not been able to keep a known, dangerous criminal away from highly official artefacts- not mentioning that her own league has problems of its own with Hunter J, of course.”

Said woman blinked and blinked, and Will and Sabrina did pretty much the same. Karen was concluding a bit too fast for them.

“But then...several things that were not planned happened. First...the container was delayed. Apparently, Cynthia did not know about this, from what J here said, but we can’t be 100% sure about it. But assuming that Cynthia had not planned the delay...well, she had a problem.” Karen closed her eyes. “Fortunately, you two found an equally valuable and acceptable present.”

Fortunately?” Will asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course! See, that way, there could be a comfortable change in plan, it didn’t have to be completely dropped.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it have been much better for Cynthia if we hadn’t found anything? Not only would Lance have beheaded us, but we would also not be able to give her anything...besides our bowings, that is.” Sabrina mused sarcastically.

Karen was speechless for a moment, not knowing what to answer. Surprisingly, it was Will who came up with an explanation. “I’m not sure, but a delay in the transportation wouldn’t be as demolishing as a personal failure of the two members the league chose to represent them. Politically thinking, I mean. After all, if that had truly been the case, we would have blamed it on the post, not ourselves.” He nodded to Sabrina, who wordlessly agreed with him.

Karen, slowly recovering from her mental blackout, found the thread again. “ you remember what happened the day after you had given them the present?”

Will shrugged, but Sabrina growled with a clearly visible miserable and angry expression, dark shadows around her eyes. “Lucian invited me for a little walk, don’t you remember?” She hissed and Will backed away, swallowing.

“” Slap.

Wrong answer.

Karen chuckled. “I’m not paranoid, but this invitation seems, in the light of recent events, highly suspicious. After all, we know now that his girlfriend was J’s boss here, and J was ordered to take the Espeon and the egg, and then, Lucian leads you to the post office the day J attacks. Now if that is coincidence, I’m going to wear a pink dress with frills.”

All the others in the room started to snicker, even J, who didn’t know much about Karen’s clothing preferences, but had her prejudices, considering that Karen was indeed dressed in all black and high heels and...not so suitable for the wilderness at all. And there was this frivolity that made J shudder...

“I think that it was planned for you to see J and interrupt her. Maybe Lucian played the ignorant, we don’t know, but it’s likely. In this case...” Karen closed again her eyes. “It was also planned for J to be interrupted by you,” there was a loud yelp as J realised that she had been used as well by Cynthia, not even knowing all of her role in this plan and blindly believing what she had been told, “but I suppose that it was also planned for you to lose against J. After all, Lucian stayed behind to fight her Pokemon, so that he would not be associated with the Espeon and the egg at all. I doubt that her plan involved you keeping the egg, but she doesn’t seem to have made any effort to get the egg back, now, has she”? Karen turned to J, assuming that the older woman was the best source regarding this kind of info.

J shook her head. “Cynthia told me that the egg had been destroyed in the fighting, so we didn’t pay it any more attention. I didn’t even know that it still existed and had been taken until right now.” She looked at Sabrina, but the psychic stayed silent, not daring and not wanting either to give her more information.

Karen raised an eyebrow. “How should Cynthia know what had happened to the egg? She is psychic, sure, but that is not something you can find out with these powers...”

J struggled with herself, biting her lip as she was caught between loyalty and fear. In the end, fear won again. “She got to the post office in order to fetch my Pokemon from the police officers there, and I guess while doing that, she took a look around to see if the egg was around.”

There was a moment of silence, until Sabrina broke it again with a level, even voice. “That’s all nice and so, but why would Cynthia want me to lose against J? It must have been a major point in her plan, otherwise, she wouldn’t have used Lucian. He trusts her, as far as I can see it, and I doubt that Cynthia hasn’t let Lucian into her plan and so, he would be of value at any point of her ‘operation’. But so far, she seems to only have used him once....and that was to get me to the post office...” Sabrina closed her eyes, stopping in her musings.” doesn’t make much sense...”

Karen shrugged. “She broke up with Lucian shortly after, so what...? He’s not of any importance for her anymore, and so, he’s not for us, too...and for why you should lose...” Karen snickered. “It’s not easy to figure out, but once you get the idea, it seems pretty obvious. And I think, Sabrina dear, you should have figured it out by yourself, too.” She looked directly at the gym leader, and her eyes started to sparkle. “You were to blame for the disappearance of the Espeon.”

Sabrina opened her eyes widely and stared at Karen in shock, grabbing Will’s arm tightly as she did so, and Will had to admit that he didn’t mind.

“You, and the Indigo League with it, in the end.” Karen sat down, not even bothering to check if Sabrina had recovered enough to take more of these shocking revelations, fuelling her inner fears. “After all...there are two possibilities, both of high probabilities, and both would make you the culprit. Either you would have simply not been able to hinder J at taking the Espeon, which would be, in my opinion, the less painful option. Otherwise...well, Cynthia could still accuse you of having taken the Espeon for yourself.”

“What?!” Sabrina blinked, even more shocked than before.

“Well, it’s fitting, isn’t it? You’re a psychic trainer, you don’t have an Espeon, Eevee are hard to get, even for a gym leader and you did say you would like to have an Eevee for yourself, didn’t you?” Sabrina intensified her pressure on Will’s arm, but this time, clearly on purpose. Of course, the poor guy could not know that he had been controlled by Karen when he had told her all these things, and in the end, had forgot about all events from the moment on that she had kissed him until Sabrina had broken the spell.

Sabrina whispered quietly. “And then, Cynthia ordered us to find the Espeon for her...I can only assume that, had we indeed managed to get it from J, she would use the excuse that we, or rather, I had more or less ‘stolen’ it, because it had not officially been announced that either Lucian’s Espeon has been stolen or that we have been ordered to search for it.”

“There’s only one thing wrong with your conclusion, Sabrina.” Karen’s eyes had again the sparkle that told them she was about to say would be quite new and stunning for them. “Lucian does not have an Espeon.”

“What?” This time, both Sabrina and Will exclaimed this question at the same time, feeling fooled. They should have expected Cynthia to lie to them, but they had never bothered to check something this obvious. Which Pokemon a league trainer owned was something that could be checked easily by anyone, so at first glance, it seemed to be something that couldn’t be lied upon. But apparently Karen, who was not even directly involved in this operation, had taken her time to check the facts and she had drawn the right conclusion, showing them what trick they had fallen for. Will certainly felt ashamed, while Sabrina’s pride didn’t allow any feelings of this kind to enter her consciousness, at least in front of the darkling.

Karen snickered. “Unlike you two, who lost your minds quite easily in the chaos of the past days, I found the time and thought to check the Sinnoh data bank. And viola, Lucian has no Espeon. Never had, and doesn’t plan to get one. It can never be his, despite all the things you’ve been told. Either it belonged to someone else or it was wild...”

J nodded without reacting in any other emotional way. “Indeed, it was a wild Espeon I was ordered to fetch...”

“Nonsense, there are no wild Espeon!” Will exclaimed. “Eevee evolve by friendship and love from a trainer into Espeon and Umbreon, at day and night respectively, and a wild Eevee obviously has no trainer it could get love from.” He glared at Karen. “You should know this, too, you own an Umbreon!”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Of course I know this, I know the basics, thank you very much. But I’m sceptical about your fairly radical theory. Why shouldn’t a wild Pokemon feel so loved by anyone, be it human or Pokemon, in this case likely Pokemon, to evolve? Granted, it has not been witnessed yet, but that doesn’t erase the simple possibility.”

Will snorted. “But then, why should Cynthia go into the trouble of having to catch a rare, possible not even existing wild Espeon, when she, being prominent and rich, has easier ways of getting it?”

“For once, she didn’t have to get it herself, she employed J, as far as I got it, and second...because she can?” Sabrina chuckled at her own joke, but Will didn’t even acknowledge her.

Karen shrugged as well. “I guess it’s because stealing a trainer’s Pokemon is something Cynthia does not dare. That itself is a delicate move, even more for a champion, and considering that it’s the exact crime she wants to blame on you...overkill, anyone? She would not only be released from her position, but rather catapulted out of it...”

There was a moment of silence, which was suddenly destroyed as the airship was caught in turbulences and J used the moment of surprise to get onto her feet and attempt to flee. A short-timed attempt, as Sabrina stopped her with her powers, inwardly surprised that they worked to well even with Karen being near.

“No, sweety, you’re not going anywhere before you’ve turned to Espeon back into flesh and bones, understood?” J grit her teeth, knowing now for sure that this was so not her day. She just wanted to get out of this mess, out of Kanto, back to her sweet home Sinnoh and there, hopefully, into a bathtub filled with hot, relaxing water and pink bubbles.

“Just push down the lever down the glass tube and remove the glass dome.” The hunter struggled against the invisible force, but Sabrina wasn’t going to let her go. She didn’t know what Cynthia was going to do once she realized that her plan had been blown, and considering that Cynthia was a psychic, Sabrina feared that it might end in a battle...but she couldn’t just let the chance slip away of, at least partly, redeeming herself by getting one of Sinnoh’s most wanted into prison.

Will picked the lone glass tube, left alone in the trouble, up and slowly pushed the lever down. Immediately, colour returned to the Espeon and it blinked, confused. The young Elite trainer smiled and removed the last restraint on the Pokemon, setting it free again. “There you go, boy. You’re free.” But apparently, the Pokemon wasn’t as gracious as its saviours had expected. It hissed as it recognized J and decided that the woman deserved some beating. And the other humans who were with her as well. They were all the same, imprisoning Pokemon, enslaving them, all the same...

He noticed that one of the human women he was about to attack was a darkling, but it didn’t matter to him anymore. He had overcome worse. His red pearl started to shine.

Will hat trouble avoiding the first psybeam, even though Sabrina had warned them seconds before, sensing the incoming attack. He stumbled backwards and hid his eyes from the blinding light. He heard someone cursing and saw that J had escaped Sabrina’s psychic grasp, as his girlfriend had concentrated on sparing him a nasty headache by intercepting the psybeam.

Karen was torn between helping Will- with her dark Pokemon, she had the advantage, and following J. In the end, she grabbed Sabrina’s hand and pulled the gym leader behind her while turning her head around to face Will and scream to him a few short-timed orders. “You take care of the Espeon, we’ll take J!”

Will blinked at Karen and Sabrina leaving, before a hiss caught his attention and he barely had seconds before another psybeam was aimed in his direction.

“Gee, thanks girls...”


Cynthia bit her lip. She was frustrated and everyone who knew her well enough knew that a frustrated Cynthia was not something that should be ignored, much less underestimated. When she wanted to get something done, it had to get done, and may the earth stop rotating, it didn’t matter.

Yet, a cell phone that was turned off was out of Cynthia’s physical and psychical reach and so, she had no other choice but to wait.

She didn’t hate waiting, but when it was about something she was eager about, something that made her fingertips prickled and filled her with suspense and a sense of welcoming foreboding. She could see the rest of the plan unfolding in front of her mind’s eye, it was as clear as if someone had filmed it with his digital camera. But it was all just imagination, nothing had happened so far.

She had phoned J three times by now, and by now she had started to wonder if J was deaf or if she had turned off her phone. Or if something more serious was happened there that kept her favourite secret agent from answering. Either way, it had become obvious that J was not the one she would speak to today.

Sighing, Cynthia called another number. It only ringed once or twice before a shivering, male voice answered here. “Henchman Harry here?”

Cynthia smiled as she instructed him over the phone. Now she was happy she had asked J to give her the main number of her airship, the only way to contact not only her, but her henchman as well.

The champion had always dreamed of owning a harem...


J jumped through the gate that separated the storage rooms from rooms used for more ‘office’ like activities. She grimaced, finally feeling a bit more relieved as she couldn’t see her pursuers anymore. Most likely, they had lost their ways after a few minutes of sprinting after her, due to the labyrinth like construction of the airship. It was no surprise that some of the freshly new employed men got lost here a few times. But not J. She had the instinct and orientation of a Pokemon, had the perfect memory, she was smart and would not easily be taken down, never...


“Eeek!” J slipped and tripped, swinging her arms around her body to keep her balance. She fell down and moaned, her chest and abdomen aching because of the fall, as if she had hit something hard. The hunter looked up to see the elite dark trainer standing in front of her, hands on her hips, her legs spread as wide as possible without making the sexual arousal too obvious, a light scraping coming from the heels of her boots. The psychic was standing next to her, slightly rolling her eyes. “Keep it clean, Karen...”

The darkling grinned. “Of course, I’ll keep it clinically clean, if you know what I mean.” Sabrina rolled her eyes even more, while J shivered. What did she mean with ‘clinically clean’? Was it, hopefully, only sarcasm or was the elite trainer serious?

Obvious, at least, was the fact that the psychic trainer had enough of her colleague’s antics and shoved Karen aside, glaring at her. Karen didn’t react, she had every opportunity of embarrassing her at any moment she chose, but the dark trainer had had her fun for today. Nearly destroying a relationship while trying to plumb its strength in reality was enough for a while. That, and she had started to like Sabrina in a way.

“If you scare her so much that she ends up mentally irresponsible, then we’re never going to get any kind of confession and neither of us is going to be awarded by the league.” Sabrina glanced at Karen over her shoulder. “And you can’t seriously tell me you’re not going for that, too.”

Karen shrugged. “I never said I wanted to win Lance’s golden medal of licking butts...” J winced, yet neither of the league trainers took notice. Another noise had caught their attention.

It was the sound of heavy, military boots walking along the metallic floor, apparently going into their direction. And there was a light, though distinctly male voice, weak and feeble, but forcing itself to be steady.

“Indeed, we have already started the landing process.”

Sabrina and Karen stared at each other, stunned. Neither of them had noticed that the airship they were on was already landing, and while Sabrina was wondering why her enhanced senses had failed her, she guessed it was because of the modern technology crafted into the vehicle that allowed it to be even more stable and quieter than most planes.

“ We will be landing in about ten minutes, right in front of the hotel’s yard, Client M. We have activated the invisible shield, so there should be no problems with unwanted witnesses.”

“Who’s this ‘Client M’?” Karen asked, her voice not above a whisper in case the unknown intruder had unusual good hearing.

“That would be Cynthia herself...” J snarled, not in the need of trying to hide her identity. She knew her employee’s voice too well, this was Harry, and she wondered what he was doing around here when it clearly wasn’t his workplace and why, and that was the more unsettling point, he was talking to Cynthia...

Sabrina raised an eyebrow, but decided not to press on this matter and instead pushed herself against the wall in order not to be seen, in case the unknown owner of the voice turned in their direction. She was silent again, hoping to catch more of the conversation.

There was a pause. “Are you getting the tapes?”

Karen had to clap her hand over Sabrina’s mouth to keep her from yelping. This was Cynthia’s voice, clear and plain to hear. The three women, and this time, all three of them indeed, flinched and pushed themselves so hard against the wall that their backs were going to hurt, they didn’t want to be seen in any case, for this could cost them their honour, their job and/or their head.

“Yes, I’m getting what you wanted.” He swallowed, obviously nervous. There was no one not nervous right now, except Cynthia herself.

“Good. I’ll be getting the Espeon myself in the meantime.” There was laughter. “And then I’ll take care of her myself. She’s influenced and boycotted my plan on way too many occasions.”

Karen suddenly knew how Will must have felt when Cynthia had confronted the couple in the league’s dinner room and Sabrina had suddenly turned very ‘clutchy’. The psychic gym leader had chosen her forearm to be her next victim...

“Is there anything else I should prepare for you?” The frightened young man asked, slowing down his steps.

There was a pause, a pause in which Sabrina thought her heartbeat slowed down so much that it seemed not to be existent anymore. The thought of dying crossed her mind briefly, how quick and simple it would be to end it all, and easy for a psychic like her. One attack aimed at her own body, her own brain and she would be dead, or at least comatose...

Sabrina snarled inwardly. She started to despise herself, but even more, she hated Cynthia for making her feel so...degraded and weak. There was so much more in her life, so many things she had yet to experience, and to feel... The gym leader sighed. She would welcome the moment Cynthia’s plane took off to Sinnoh again. On the other hand, she would never have this kind of adventure if it hadn’t been for Cynthia and her insane plan...

Silently, the psychic vowed to take her revenge on day. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, maybe not even this year...but one day, she vowed, Cynthia would pay.

There could only be one psychic playing the master cards.

But for now, she had to think hard of how to slip out of this.

“Hm, yes, there is something. As soon as you’re landing, get me J. There’s another change in plan. She’ll have to claim the Espeon as her own.” Another pause, and Cynthia’s voice dropped an octave, getting considerably quieter. “That will not even be a near fitting punishment, but it will have to satisfy me for now.”

The man gulped. “That is not easy, I mean, ehm, well, the Espeon is obviously not easy to handle and even J has had troubles catching it and it never was her own, so to never was anyone’s Poke-“


J wanted to facepalm, but knowing herself, that would be loud enough to catch Cynthia’s attention. And the Pokemon hunter didn’t want to know what the champion considered a ‘more fitting punishment’. She should have made sure that in case her client phoned the airship and not her personally, a more competent henchman would pick up the phone. Harry was too blunt and dumb for this. He flinched when Cynthia’s booming voice echoed off the metallic walls.

“This is my order and you’ll do as you’ve been told, understood?” She snarled. “Since your oh so perfect boss has failed me again, I have to resort to false accusations once again.” She snorted. “At least this way, an Indigo gym leader will be accused of stealing, and even if it’s just the Pokemon of a known criminal, there will be punishment.” She fell silent. “Nothing you have to know too much about, though. Get me J as soon as possible.”

“Understood.” Harry fell silent, Cynthia as well.

After a while, the hallway was silent, too.

Karen dared to look around a wall, glancing at every side. They were away. She sighed, but it was nothing compared to how Sabrina calmed down physically. She slumped down against the wall, eyes closed, wiping away the layer of sweat on her forehead. Forcing herself to stop shuddering and give off the impression that she was controlled and calm again, and that in no way the whole affair had managed to shake her off. Glancing at the Pokemon hunter, who squirmed uncomfortable between them to try to get out, she thought about what she could do now anymore.

There was no way they could escort J to the police and right into prison anymore. Cynthia would catch them and do her own thing, bringing her own plan forward. As they had witnessed, she was going to use J as a fake actor, an innocent victim of circumstances and an overenthusiastic gym leader who tried to fix things that were not broken and obviously not even illegal. Cynthia sure was smart, but she had not considered that the three women would overhear her. That was the only advantage they had. And Sabrina already had an idea on how to use it.

She stood up; glancing around the corner just like Karen had done minutes before. Then, the psychic gym leader turned to aforementioned darkling and sighed deeply. She hated to do this, she really did, but she had no other chance. Karen was the only one who had comparable powers, and even better, they were of the polar opposite origin than Sabrina’s. She couldn’t completely trust the dark trainer yet; she had been the one to manipulate her boyfriend. And while Sabrina had learned to trust and like Janine, who had done a very similar thing, the case of Karen was an entirely different thing.

“Listen...” Karen looked up; interested in what her fellow trainer had to say. “Obviously we’re not able to get anyone official involved in this anymore, or else Cynthia gets our heads easier than J got this Espeon.” J snorted, but no one really noticed. “Apparently, the champion wants to put all blame on me, and she wants to use J as a witness, as unethical as it seems.” Sabrina lowered her head. She felt uneasy. “I think the easiest way for us- or rather, me, to get out of this is if we eliminate J.”

“What?!?!?” The hunter stared at the two women in fright, shivering and backing away. She was dealing with two women of supernatural powers, ‘eliminating’ could mean anything, even- and J certainly didn’t want to think that far, killing her. But they wouldn’t seriously commit murder...would they? J swallowed hard.

Sabrina smiled. She couldn’t hide her amusement at striking fear into the heart of a person, innocent or not, but she would never admit this consciously. She wasn’t as evil as certain other trainers, at least not on the surface.

“Eliminate? Sabrina, sweety, what’s on your mind now?” Karen asked, her voice as smooth as silk.

“Not her, exactly.” The psychic paused. “Precisely, her memory. I want to wipe her memory of everything that happened on this airship and possibly before. That way, Cynthia will not be able to use her as a witness.” She closed her eyes. “And to make sure that Cynthia, who’s apparently a psychic as well, won’t be able to unearth them again, I want you to seal them with your powers.”

Karen was surprised. While she had the feeling that there was the possibility of her and Sabrina warming up, she had never thought that the egoistical and airheaded psychic would ask for her help. But apparently, this trip, the forced comradeship had driven some sense into her. She wasn’t completely keen on playing the solo mission anymore, finally realizing- and even admitting, that friends weren’t as useless as she had thought them to be. Even if they were of the opposing element.

Then, the darkling smiled. “Of course.” She closed her eyes. “Suit yourself and start. I’ll watch and do my part once you’re finished.”

Sabrina nodded, closing her eyes as well and placing her left hand above J’s forehead. The hunter squirmed and tried to move away, but her attempts were fruitless as Sabrina multitasked, knowing her abilities well enough to know how much she could do at once and froze J’s body at the same time as starting the memory wipe. J shuddered, then her eyes rolled back and she fainted, her mind overtaken by Sabrina’s powers.

Karen smiled. The only difference between dark and psychic was the colour of their appearance, and even that was fading.

End of Chapter 7, Part Four.
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