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    Originally Posted by Deviation View Post
    and seeing as that is what all the people who actually make tools are still working on, it would be nice, as it is your hacking generation that will have D/P/Pt and HG/SS to hack like we do Advance Generation, you should make the tool.

    I can't explain things today... Basically, the people who are making tools currently are still focusing on the older generations, as they grew up with that.
    Then there are those of us, who never did any hacking for 3rd gen, and only work on 4th gen. However, on PC there is not enough interest for what is done so far, because everyone is babied with what can be done for 3rd gen. So they look at what we can do in 4th gen and say "Well you can't map yet, so that's useless". Outside of PC there are alot of 4th gen ROM edits. Obviously nowhere near as exhaustive as 3rd gen ROM edits, but they'll get there. I would not be surprised if PC found out way after the fact, though.
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