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    What do you want for it?
    I got an EV Trained Shiny Slaking
    Sounds good. ^3^

    I am interested in the following :
    mind giving me there Moves and levels
    Also do you do if you evolve Shiny Nincada if and get a Shedinja will it be Shiny as well?

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    First I am going to answer your shiny question. I think it wouldn't be a shiny as well because Shidnija is a totally different pokemon, but I would Google it if I was you.

    Ekans (18) - Poison Sting; Bite; Glare; Sreech
    Growlithe (both 1) - {Bashful} Bite; Roar; Flamethrower, {Adament} Bite; Roar
    Farfetch'D (28) - Aerial Ace; Slash; Air Cutter; Swords Dance
    Eevees (all 1) - {Careful} Helping Hand; Curse; Wish; Toxic, {Timid, Modest, and Calm} Tail Whip; Tackle; Helping Hand
    Umbreon (65) - Substitute; Facade; Psychic; Dark Pulse
    Miltank (1) - Tackle
    Nincada (1) - Scratch; Harden
    Zangoose (18) - Quick Attack; Swords Dance; Fury Cutter; Slash

    Please tell me if you want to take off or add anymore pokemon. ^3^

    Adam: Do you have a female Scyther and Charmander?
    Do you mean shiny or non-shiny? 'Cause I do have a female Charmander and I think I can breed a female Scyther, if you are wanting normal pokemon.

    Elmo: hi im interested in ur 10 aniv dogs (not the suicune) please take a look at my thread and see if anything interests u
    How about your shiny Garatina and shiny Floatzel. Sound good?

    Flames: I have bulbasaur, oddish, and eevee's but not shiny...
    Sorry, but I am only wanting them if they are shiny. Thanks though

    Hey I'm interested in your adament world 08 lucario and your jolly world 09 weavile. CMT if you'd like to trade.
    I would like to have your shiny Channel Jirachi and your Tokyo Charmander. Is that okay with you?


    Thanks for comming to my thread and I will leave a message for all of you guys. Oh and thank you Fuzzy for putting what we traded on here. ^3^
    Please, come and visit my thread!
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