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Originally Posted by La Foudre View Post
Let's doooo Sneasel. :D

G/S: I wonder why it was discoloredd.

C: My avatar. Also my favorite Sneasel sprite.

R/S/E & LG/FR: My second favorite Sneasel sprite.



I reallyyyy don't like Sneasel's back sprites. They look kinda off, this one especially: I dislike the eye.
I agree with the back and I think the most awesome is the RSEFRLG . It looks mystic and just PWNing !

Originally Posted by ~Hot n' Cold~ View Post
Let's do Abra!

This sprite is OK compared to some others. 5/10


I actually kind of like this sprite. Abra looks really cute. 8/10


This sprite makes it look a big like a yellow Mewtwo. It's a good sprite overall. 6/10


This sprite is probably average. I like the one eye closed, but he's in a weird pose. 5/10


I like the pose Abra is in in these sprites. The shine looks a bit off. 4/10 for Silver, 3/10 for Crystal


These sprites are OK. The animation on Emerald really annoys me - what's the point? Also, the shiny looks too... shiny. 6/10 for Ruby/Sapphire, 4/10 for Emerald


These look a lot like Ruby/Sapphire, except a lot better in the coloring. Abra looks cuter and more fierce in these sprites, and the shiny looks like it has better coloring. 9/10


This looks pretty good. The only thing that bugs me is the way that it has it's hand on it's face. 7/10


This sprite is totally great, it's my favorite. It's color really imrpressed me, the shiny looks great, and the way that he looks so calm and cute. 10/10


This sprite reminds me a lot of the Platinum sprite. I think it looks really great, because Abra is so calm and just so relaxed laying there. It's so cute! 9/10
Abra's sprites look pretty the same , the thing you must know is that he sits_down @_@ !

Originally Posted by La Foudre View Post
Let's do Eevee!

Red&Blue: It looks angry.

Yellow: ..It's green? O_o

Green{Japan}: It looks like a constipated old man.

Gold: It's alrightt.

Silver: This one > Gold one.

Crystal: Back when sprite animations actually looked good. <3

Ruby&Sapphire: This one is pretty cute.

Emerald: I really don't like Emerald animations.

LeafGreen&FireRed: I don't really like the way it's mouth is open.


Platinum: This one is cuter than D&P's.

HeartGold&SoulSilver: This one is my favorite Eevee sprite so far.
HGSS looks really cute , Green looks like someone stole his food while he was eating . The best for me is FRLG , he really poses well like that !
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