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Thanks For Participating In This Year's Points Thread. I Hope To See You In 2009.

- Wormow, 2008

We're back for another year in points! You guys may remember Wormow from 2008 and 2009 doing this, well, that's me. So, if you don't know how to play this, I'll tell you how. So basically, there are several tasks that you can do that's located below. Every task that you do, you obtain points. You can then redeem Pokemon with these points. I have way more events, it's just that I'm a lazy typer, so request if your favorite isn't there.

1. Don't spam the thread with useless stuff
2. Don't ask for your points to be updated so quickly, I have a life
3. Don't argue or complain, it'll just be ignored
4. If I take away some of your points, then deal with it
5. If I say I'm away, then don't post. Posting will just make you banned from this thread
6. If you see a hacked Pokemon, PM me asap!
7. I will not tell you the stats, but they are all UT
8. Don't PM or VM me to trade, post it here and I'll put you on the waiting list
9. I do not accept refunds, this is free FFS
10. Don't start your chatting discussions here
11. I'm doing this to have fun, and for you to get what you want. I didn't think I needed rules.
12. I hate typing, so I'll add more events to the list everyday.
13. Breaking any of these rules will result in you being banned from this thread

Absol [23]
Alakazam [24]
Articuno [30]
Blastoise [24]
Blaziken [23]
Bulbasaur [20]
Celebi [31]
Charizard [24]
Dragonite [23]
Entei [23]
Espeon [23]
Latias [24]
Latios [24]
Moltres [30]
Pikachu [20]
Raikou [20]
Suicune [28]
Typhlosion [25]
Tyranitar [27]
Unbreon [25]
Zapdos [30]

Buneary [23]
Combee [23]
Croagunk [23]
Eevee [23]
Finneon [23]
Lickitung [23]
Mew [27]
Miltank [23]
Octillery [23]
Pachirisu [23]
Phione [27]
Pikachu [23]
Ponyta [23]
Shellos [23]
Shroomish [23]
Snover [23]
Staravia [23]
Tangela [23]
Vulpix [23]
Wailmer [23]
Wynaut [23]
Yanma [23]

Flygon [27]
Kingdra [27]
Milotic [27]
Seadra [27]
Seviper [27]

Manaphy Eggs:
France [28]
Germany [28]
Italy [28]
Japan [24]
Spain [28]
USA [20]

Golgo Octilerry [24]
BABA Flygon [40]
JBHF Manaphy [25]
Mattle Ho-Oh [30]
Mystery Mew [30]
Rocks Metang [28]
Space-C Deoxys [25]
Wishmaker Jirachi [25]
Hadou Regice [25]
Hadou Registeel [25]
Hadou Regirock [25]
ANA Pikachi [26]
GW Pikachu [26]
Ruby Zigzagoon J [24]
Sapphire Zigzagoon J [24]
Pokepark Celebi [26]
Pokepark Mew [26]
Hadou Mew [30]
Birthday Charmander [22]
Gamestop Deoxys [21]
Alamos Darkrai [21]
TRU Manaphy [24]
PBR Electivire [25]
PBR Magmortar [25]
PBR Pikachu [25]
McDonald Pikachu [26]
NoA Heracross [27]
Yamamoto Whiscash [29]
Saikyou Milotic [27]
Saikyou Dragonite [27]
Saikyou Salamance [27]
Saikyou Mamortar [27]
Saikyou Electivire [27]
TRU Regigigas [30]


Be the fifth poster (5th, 10th, 15th, etc)
Value: 10 Points
Usage: As Many

When posting, say "I liek Mudkipz"
Value: 5 Points
Usage: Once a day

A funny joke that'll make me literally LOL
Value: 20 Points
Usage: As Many

PM with a Wii Game that I have
Value: 4 Points
Usage: Once per day

Put a link to this thread in your sig
Value: 7 Points
Usage: You do it, +10, you remove this, -10

Say "I'm part of the Wormow army and if you hurt him I will kill you!" in your post, but not to be used with the "I liek Mudkipz" (Keep it in another post)
Value: 5 Points
Usage: Once per day

Give me a color name (If someone said blue, you can also say Dark-Blue)
Value: 3 Points
Usage: Once per day

Make the thread a banner/bar!
Value: 20 Points
Usage: Once per week

Draw A Pokemon
Value: 1-10
Usage: Anytime

And more tasks soon..!

Want your link to appear here? PM me.

MarioManH: 30
Reyzn: 35
Kareinxogee: 45
Rush: 5
ArcanineFlames: 10
Ohmyfuzzy: 10
Blaziquaza: 5
Kazzy: 5
TechnoSpark: 25
ADJ: 10
CarpeDiem: 5
Jahz: 5
Pokemonleaguechamp: 13