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I'm trying to discover ALL the Hidden Hex Values in HeartGold & SoulSilver and I could need your help.

First, what are the most important boxes of Hidden Hex Values (In PokeSav):

46h: This box is used for the location where you captured your Pokemon.
85h: A classic box :p This one is used to describe the catch
86h: A new box. This one is used to describe the Pokeball the Pokemon was caught in.

I've got these values discovered:

7E New Bark Town
85 Ecruteak City
86 Mahogany Town

A1 Route 13
A2 Route 14
A3 Route 15
A4 Route 16
A5 Route 17
A6 Route 18
A7 Route 19
A8 Route 20
A9 Route 21
B1 Route 29
B2 Route 30
B3 Route 31
B4 Route 32
B5 Route 33
B6 Route 34
B7 Route 35
B8 Route 36
B9 Route 37

(Other locations)
CF National Park
D2 Union Cave
D9 Ice Path
87 Lake of Rage

00 - Egg/Pal Park/Event
02 - Tall Grass
04 - Dialga/Palkia
05 - Cave/Hall of Origin
07 - Caught in the Water
09 - Caught in Buildings
0A - Great Marsh/Safari Zone
0C - Starters/Fossils

("Normal" Pokeball)
01 Master Ball
02 Ultra Ball
03 Great Ball
04 Pokeball

(Special Pokeball)
05 - Safari Ball
0F - Quick Ball
86 - Net Ball
0D - Dusk Ball
18 - Competition Ball
08 - Nest Ball
07 - Dive Ball

If you want to help me discovering all the Hex Values, this is what you need:
- Pokesav HGSS
- Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver Rom
- An Emulator

These are the steps you must follow to discover a Hex Value:

Here you can see the values are :
46h: B1
85h: 02
86h: 0D

When you're following this thread, then you know this HootHoot was caught in Route 29 in the tall grass with a Dusk Ball.
And guess what?

This is indeed a legal Pokemon, so now you know how to discover out those values. Just check it with other Pokemon caught with exact the same things and post it here!