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Thanks guys =)

@josh: I haven't really noticed the tree's shadow as being out of place. I probably am overlooking this, but I can't really see what's wrong with it.

@558122_DG: I think the colors are fine for the time being, since I would much rather have bright colors than have that washed out, pale feeling the FR palettes usually give off. I'll be playing around with palettes throughout the production of this hack most likely, so I'm sure things like tree shadows (which I can't really see as being a big deal) or degrees of brightness can wait for a little while.

@simdu: If you were referring to the almost white grass, this new map should hopefully be better!

Here are the people who (indirectly) helped me put this map together, along with what exactly was used from their tile collections:

Grass - Novus
Tree - Platina Project Tiles by Jesse[TB Pro]
House and Lab - 874521

With that said, I found the houses to be too big, so I went with different but similar looking houses. I also inserted Professor Larch's lab:


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