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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Also, here are some other fixes you should include:
Battling 2 trainers at once: I'm sure FireRed has that, especially at the Battle Tower in 7 Island
Colored dialogue: I think Ruby has that, although limited, and I also think Emerald has that.
More than one Bike: I think with a little ASM, the hidden Key Items in FR/LG can be made to work with R/S/E standards, although I have no idea how to use it.
Pokérus: I KNOW FR/LG has it, and I think diegoisawesome is right on that call. That definitely needs to be corrected.
By Coloured Dialogue, I think HackMew meant automatic colouring for person events; the numerous bike feature IS RS/E exclusive, as that list is for an unedited ROM, and I agree with you and diegoisawesome with the Pokérus factor.

Still, that is a very helpful post, HackMew.

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