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    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    But he clearly doesnt have that skill, and how many games around here say they will script everything and then being "popular" lol doesnt happen and they turn around and resort to using the starterkit. I dont believe not using the starter kit makes your game more popular if anything people kinda give up on waiting for things to happen.
    Well, I take offense to that, even if I'm not the mapper of our game, I am our leader, and I don't like it when people undermine the abilities of my staff.

    Look, I don't know who you are, but you have no idea what skills Aquakip doesn't have, just because he hasn't used them yet. And don't say that people with good games always use the starter kit. That's blasphemy. What did people do before the starter kit? Seriously. We're not using the starter kit, but people still seem to be attracted to our game.

    I wonder how that works.

    Again, I'm sorry if I sound pushy, but I don't want you to diss my workers or my game.

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