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    Up, when people start using AIM lingo in their conversations, bad things start to happen...

    Listen, don't start an all out brawl. Cause I have a sense that that's where this is going. Pokemon01, I'm sorry you were so offended by Starrmyt's comment. I think all Starrmyt is trying to say is that Aquakip happens to be a very talented game-maker, and they (Aquakip and Evan) would both prefer to do the game without the starter kit, in order to say "You know, we were able to make all this from scratch." Its taking pride in one's work and being confident in one's abilities. Thank you for your concern, though. Its nice to know we've gotten through to you so that your concerned that we're not using the starter pack.

    I think that argument is settled, then? Thanks for caring about our game!
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