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@Pokéstorm: I wasn't trying to fool anyone with which pokemon it was anyway xD. I see what you mean with the lava, but it does look really good in motion. But sadly, untill I get a tile artist it'll have to stay as that. I'll keep those quick updates coming in then! Thanks and I've made it transparent now, I just didn't before because I didn't know wat it would do to the quality, but it actually made it better! Great and thanks again.

@HOBOGames: Do you mean repetitve or reappearitive? And yeah, it it the standard auto tile from rmxp, just edited to have no borders.

I've updated all of the screenshots on the front page, fixing a lot of errors and also changing the grass a little from a R/S/E one to the HG/SS one. There's also now a large description to every screen which will hopefully give you a better understanding of the areas and what happens in them.
As well as this I've updated the progress part to include actual image bars showing the progress of every part of the game. You can now easily check progress

I don't know when I'll be able to update next but it'll probably be pretty soon, maybe even with a few vids

Demo Beta out Now!