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This place is cooler already!
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    Darnit, my posts deleted because I can't use any links in my posts yet... x__x

    (I didn't see a pledge or anything on the first post, so I hope I didn't miss anything)

    I'd love to join, please. Shiny hunting's been a hobby of mine for years, but I've been hunting alot more often in the past two years. I have over 70 shinies in total that I've caught myself; many of them caught by chaining, 25 of them by random encounter. I also have 1 Masuda Method shiny, which by pure luck, showed on the very first egg.

    I can't really list all of my shinies here, but I will have my shiny banner (which needs updating) on my sig by the end of the day, so I hope that's good enough. My current hunts are Abra in the Game Corner (I've seen about 1500 so far), and Mudkip (at least 5000 SRs done so far), which has been a bit of an unfortunate hunt for me, since I accidentally SR'd over a shiny Mudkip, and then a shiny uncatchable Poochyena showed its face not even half an hour afterwards.

    Even on this recent page I recognise some faces from Serebii. Hey, Fufu. : D
    I hope I'm welcome here.

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