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Originally Posted by MewTwoReturns View Post
haha i love the region map. your a gr8 artest!
It wasn't just me who created the map; I drew a pencil-sketched version and had another artist color it over for me. That artist, Xous, is responsible for making it look so pretty. =)

Today I'm showing off the redone Elderoak Town and Route 651. Both of these maps together show off the small house, small tree, Pokemon Center, and PokeMart I've inserted:

Route 651:

Elderoak Town:

I also have the interior of the Bloomful's gym mapped:



874521 - Pokemon Mart and Pokemon Center. I added a small Poke Ball sign to the Mart myself.

Next I'm going to insert the Pokemon Gym tiles. I think I'll use the tiles from DP since I don't really like the HGSS version.
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