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@HOBOGames: Thanks. You should post in the team recruitment thead if you want to get a scripter for it, unless you already have?

@pikarich: Thank you, I''m really happy with them too. And yes, we are!

@Wind Gale: Thanks. Everyone seems to prefer smaller updates so I'll stick with them. And wonder no longer, because...

Lava animated!

What does everyone think of the lava now you can see how it is in-game? I think it looks great, but could also do with a little improvement.

If you haven't already noticed (impossible), Pokémon XENOTIME has moved out of The Drawing Board and into The Showcase! Here's a direct quote from Neo-Dragon when I asked him if the thread was ready to be moved:

"Your first post was one of the best I've seen in awhile. Very clear with it's information, very eye pleasing with the screens and progress bar for example."
Great coming from a mod!

The next update will probably be tommorow or friday when Wind-Gale, our mapper, has finished the route east of Larcoon. This route leads east to the third rock gym which, quite embarrassingly, I can't remember the name of... Better ask pikarich later xD

As well as all of this CrazyNinjaGuy, our scripter, has started work on the rest of XENOTIME's menu system! It'll be HG/SS styled and completely mouse controlled, although not on a seperate screen like other fan games, since I think that messes it up a bit.

Now let's just see how many more comments this gets in The Showcase

Demo Beta out Now!