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    Idk but heres mine:

    Filaga a new region was created by a organization for experimenting and taking control of all the lengendary pokemon from all regions. With the powers the dark members held, even Arceus the god of Pokemon couldn't stop them. Ho-oh and Lugia were forced to create the new region, and they were also being controlled with a great unknown force of the dark members. A legend once said that only humans who control pokemon can defeat these Dark members. Pokemon that control themselves can't win because they get sucked in by the unknown force withheld by DM. Arceus had long looked out for any humans that might be able to help him and one day he finally found them in a small town.


    A huge event is held at (Yellow town?) to honor the legendary pokemon trainers. They have grown really old btw.These trainers are Ash, Red, and (you). After that night the 3 gather and gazed at the stars when suddenly the god of pokemon appears and tells them that it needs their help in a region called Filaga. Arceus takes them to the new region and changes time making ash, red, and you 14 years old again. He grants them a starter pokemon (any starter pokemon that has been in all games so far). Arceus tells them that he needs their help to stop this bad organization called the Dark members.

    The journey starts as these 3 trainers take different routes to find a way how to defeat the dark members...and the 2 great pokemon they control, ho-oh and lugia.


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