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Originally Posted by -DefaulT View Post
lawl, i walked out the side door of oaks lab and got stuck in the roof...

luls infinit hp/pp/gold on this one also

love the tiles though
Yeah, I fixed that. Don't pay attention to the glitches in the demo, they are almost fixed.

Originally Posted by Mistress Rose View Post
a lot of yellow hacks r in the processof being made but a lot of them die in the process(quit), hope yours strives until you reach the finish line! =)
Um, thanks? This isn't a hack though.

Originally Posted by sako View Post
wow looks good but will pikachu follow you like in the original pokemon yellow
Yes, as I have stated before, it will follow you, in cerulean city. There will be some sort of event there. don't worry, it's obvious, not a hidden event.

Eh, double post. :\

Well, I have been designing buildings and so far, I made the Pallet Town lab, and the Pallet Town buildings.

Personally, I think they aren't the best, but I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with them.

Well, for starters, I know that the Pallet Town building is too small.

I am slowly getting better at tile building. Thanks to Dew's Tutorial

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