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    Originally Posted by Team Rocket's Raichu View Post
    Sweet. This is one of the best tools ever.
    I'm glad to hear you, and many others, like it.

    Not many people, though, seem to realize that NSE can be used the same way as programs like tilemolster.
    As long as an image is uncompressed, NSE can view it in offset mode.
    Examples: grass, water, flower and door animations, text boxes,and berry trees.. The list goes on and on.

    NSE was made to be a multifunctional program.

    Edit: 2/23/2010


    - Changed the NSL file type
    - The "Unknown 2" pointer is no longer unknown
    - Better usage of Palette References ( a.k.a unknown 2) to almost ensure the right palette in game.
    - BMP imports and exports while offset browsing.

    The NSL file has been updated to increase content, features, and decrease file size by up to half.
    The original NSL files are still compatible with NSE, but under the description "Type B"

    That "blue blob" is the character's mom properly using palette 2 -
    Text-box design made using NSE.

    Version 1.5.5
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