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    Title: Pokemon-The Time Before

    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

    The pokemon are all real and you get a chance to catch all 493 in the region: Zarx

    Story: You start off in your room sleeping. Then your brother, Bobby, comes in and wakes you up. Than you remember you were supposed to go get your pokemon! You go to get your pokemon, when you get into an encounter with a legendary shadow! (Darkrai) He tells about one trainer (you) who must go to time mountain and seal the legendary Dialga in the realm of time! Prof. Oak comes in and gives you your pokemon. (Choices being: Shaymin, Rotom or Spiritomb.) After you choose your pokemon, Darkrai leaves. Than Arceus comes and raises your chosen pokemon from level 5 to level 15. That's all I got so far!