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Good looking game! Certainly liking the production value.

Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
Well I'd have to disagree. Even though it does do all of the above, I think that if you have the experience to script it all yourself it's much more worth while to do that. Apart from fully making it your own, your game will also be a lot more popular for not using the kit like nearly every other.
One thing I would say, though, is that if you have serious plans to finish this game, then I disagree with Peeky Chew in thinking you really should consider switching to the Starter Kit. At first it might not seem too hard scripting most of the systems yourself, but just wait until you start dabbling into enemy AI, movesets, stats... I just think there's absolutely no point reinventing the wheel here. Poccil's SK isn't perfect - despite is extreme complexity, it's pretty bare bones to start off with - but it easy to customize and will save you hundreds of hours of work.