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Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
I wonder what the new thing will be...? Oh, where are the locations for Larvitar in Pokemon Brown. You can get them in Botan's cave with the dynamite men, I don't know where else.
What? In Botan's cave is one? didn't know that... Well, I think I bumped into one while I was in the Final Dungeon...

Well, I'm still in it with my Lv.60 pokes! I pwned Drake's Gyarados with my Paras Lv.17 (lol epic win! xD) ! I'm at the moment in the final Dungeon and it still makes a lot of fun! I was really surprised about the whole changes that you made, especially type-wise! It was one of the most enjoyable hacks I've played so far, I might play it again some months later!

But I have a little question: Tri attack has got its own Type (Tri). Can you say the weaknesses and the resistences of the Tri Type (I think someone before me asked the same...), and yes I already looked in the grid in Prism but I haven't seen it anywhere there...
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