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So many replies! I decided to leave no stone unturned, so without further ado...

@ kingjay 99: Are you referring to the pink-roofed house? If so, don't worry, I'll add some sort of value to the roof so it looks right. Most of these tiles arent COMPLETELY done, but their position and size in the tileset will be the same. Do you think I should add outlines?

@ Pokéstorm: Yes, I am still working on their final sprites. I am not the best spriter (which is why I appreciate your criticism). But you will still begin with a bunny, an elephant, and a swan. c:

@ Crazyninjaguy: Most of my tiles are rips, some edits, and many custom, in which I use the HGSS tiles ase guides, but not necessarily ripping parts. I was thinking, in terms of scripting, along the lines of a few minor interface changes, menu, bag screen, and such. Would that be much of a challenge? I would love your help!

@ Clasko: Really? That would be great! What's your specialty?

@ Kecleoshrew: Well, the grass starter has nothing from Spinda, and th water starter does look like Piplup, but I scratched it all except for the feet XD. I was desperate to get an idea of what my creatures would (kind of) look like.

@ Starrmyt: Thank you! I will consider the name change (seriously). Just need another word for darkness *goes to look at online thesaurus*. You used southern Chibi, non? Thanks for your support. I checked out your game dev thread and it looks awesome. Best of luck to you as well!