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Started another monotype, I'm doing the water monotype now. Well I started with Squirtle and began my battle against "Red."
Battle 1
SQUIRTLE comes out after one growl and 7 TACKLEs later BULBASAUR is kacka.
I continued through for more battles. I destroyed every wild POKéMON in my way, and was about LV8 when I tried to destroy RED.
Battle 2
I really got my butt handed to me when I tried to beat him with a LV8 Squirtle. After my constant losses, due to PIDGEY's SAND-ATTACK and BULBASAUR's LEECH SEED. I was LV12 when I finally beat him.
I continued along through VIRIDIAN FOREST and battled all the trainers and crushed them, until SQUIRTLE got poisoned and died right before PEWTER CITY. I got back through and when I got to BROCK SQUIRTLE was LV15.
Gym Battle 1
This battle was way too easy. I just easily crushed GEODUDE with 1 BUBBLE, and ONIX with 1 BUBBLE as well. After this battle, SQUIRTLE evolved to a WARTORTLE, who is probably going to be my powerhouse.

Turtle / Wartortle Lv.16 @ Nothing
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Bubble
- Water Gun
Probably going to be my main powerhouse during this region. BUBBLE + STAB is a great combo. I can't wait to see how this goes.