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Continued my water monotype. Ripped through the routes and Mt. Moon lickity-split and easily beat Nugget bridge. But first let's get to Red:
Battle 3
WARTORTLE is actually quite a beast. The movepool is amazing and took out all of the POKéMON in 1 or 2 hits easily.
Helped BILL with everything he needed, recieved the SS TICKET and got to MISTY with my overleved TURTLE.
Gym Leader 2
I totally crushed MISTY here. I constantly battered STARYU and STARMIE with WARTORTLE's MEGA PUNCH and she was easily taken out in 4 MEGA PUNCH's.

Turtle / Wartortle Lv.29 @ Nothing
- Mega Punch
- Bite
- Bubble
- Water Gun
Definately the main powerhouse of the region. BUBBLE + STAB or WATER GUN + STAB is great. BUBBLE will soon be BUBBLEBEAM. MEGA PUNCH has a high base attack and does lots of damage.