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I'd like to take up the challenge :D

Type: Normal
Games: Yellow, Silver, Sapphire, Platinum

Wish me luck!

EDIT: First update

Named myself Al and my rival Gary
Got Pikachu
Got my two free potions, from the PC and the Mart salesman
Did the Oak's parcel sidequest thing
Caught a Pidgey and a Rattata
Trained both to level 7, went to go fight Gary on Route to league.
Kick his ass.
Raced through Viridian forest and, after a couple of tries, beat Brock thanks to Rattata's newly learned Hyper Fang
Pidgey evolved in Mt. Moon
Got fossil and met J&J
Reached Cerulean and got pwned surprisingly badly by Misty's Starmie
Met Gary at Nugget Bridge. Defeat him and Rattata evolves